ack! What happened to 2004?!

I was supposed to be pregnant, have an organized home, be fluent in at least 3 different languages, get an awesome job, prepare gourmet meals every night, weigh 150 pounds, remember all of my friend’s birthdays, go to the gym every day, send holiday cards and gifts on time so I wouldn’t have to pay out the nose to the UPS store, and win the lottery.

But seriously, it’s been one hell of a year. Narda’s mom passed away, we didn’t get pregnant after trying for over a year and a half, and to think I quit smoking! And Coffee! And then gained weight, going back up over 200 pounds, which killed me. But I DID get an awesome job, which I love, truly; I just wish it paid more (I was so used to my cash cow of The Flaming idiots but it’s not bad, it’s jut the taxes-Ack, they’re killing me!)

After deciding to stop trying to concieve and focus on adoption, life got a little better, actually. Narda and I joined Weight Watchers (she doesn’t need it, but she joined to support me; I love that woman!) and I’ve lost almost 17 pounds, and can fit back into a few pairs of pants that were starting to get too small. (phew) The road to adoption is difficult, as we are SOOO ready to parent, but we just need to absorb whatever the universe is trying to tell us, and learn patience.


One thought on “ack! What happened to 2004?!

  1. The “supposed to”s suck don’t they? So glad you’re at least fitting the sex in! Now that’s gotta make the rest of it just a little easier to deal with 😉 This year’s got to be better for you guys, and I’m sending you loads of patience dust.

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