She picked us!

She's thrilled about both of us, and feels it's a match made in Heaven.We meet the birth mom on Thursday. WAAAAAAAY out on Long Island.If all goes well, we'll bring her (the baby) home on Feb. 17; her 2 month old birthday.OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGHOLY CRAP!


We'll know more on Monday.I'm sneaking back from auditions to update, as we just got another call...-Girl, born Dec. 17-Birth mom is 41 years old, mild pot usage, other kids are healthy-Has one gay son, thus leaning towards a gay family-picked us and one other family, leaning more towards us, will look at our album … Continue reading update

3 squared = 9

3 is mystical number in Judaism.Let's hope so.We got call #9 last night. Keep your fingers crossed.I'll write more about it when I can. I just don't want to jinx anything by divulging too much info. But I will say that there are circumstances about this one that bode better than the past few...