Why not now?

First off, thank you all SOOO much for the mooshy love, it’s so awesome!

I’ve pooped much today, let me tell you.

So, many of you have asked why we can’t bring her home now!

A few reasons:

1) The birth mother hasn’t signed surrender documents yet. After we meet her, they will show her “what they look like” and let her mull it over during the weekend, and then she’ll come in some time next week to sign them.

2) Narda and I both have been scheduled (for about almost a year now) to go on the Grad School audition tour to Chicago and San Francisco for our respective universities. THE busiest time of year for me at work is December to March. So obviously the worst possible timing to have a placement, but we’ll deal. I can’t give up this trip, for so many obvious reasons.

3) This will give us the time to let a few days squeak by after she signs surrender papers, as in NY, it’s 30 days for a birth mom to change her mind after she signs. Granted, this is a LOW risk situation for that (unlike the other 8 we’ve already had, which were HIGH risk), but every bit helps

4) And selfishly, due to a bit of FEAR about suddenly being parents without a clue, and wanting a smidgen of time for ourselves (all you lovely preggos get 9 months of “me” time and planning), the 2 weeks will help us with that. We’ll even get a last “fling” in Chicago and SF if you will.

So I hope that answers your questions. I’ll post more as I know more.

And thank you all so much again, it means the world to us. Know this.

6 thoughts on “Why not now?

  1. Yes, this all makes sense. I think it’s great that you will get that one last hoorah in together before she comes home. Wow, that sounds nice. She’s coming home!!
    Oh, one question…do you get to pick a name? I know you may not want to share the name is she already has one (or if you do), but I’m just curious if you get to choose. Don’t know how that works.

  2. we do have a name (have for a while now), but the birth mom has also given her a name. We’ll talk about all of that on Thursday.

    Who knows, the kid might have 3 names! πŸ™‚

    But we won’t tell you what the name is until 8 days after placement…

  3. So much for you two to celebrate! I’m so glad it’s finally happening!!! Enjoy your last hurrah in chicago in SF. ;o)

  4. WOW, Feb. 17th is my BDAY Shelli, great, the blonde intern is Addison, my niece made me put that in there, she is looking a the part about Grey’s Anatomy, she loves that show too! We settle on our new house on the 17th of Feb.

    I am SO overjoyed for you guys and in tears and I am NOT a crier!

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