I put a meat spoon in my yogurt!

I must be otherwise distracted for some reason… (ya have any thoughts as to why?!) 🙂

I just went to make my usual breakfast – a big ‘ole plop of fat free or low fat organic yogurt, topped with my ww cereal – I LOVE IT!

And I went and grabbed a dang MEAT spoon. And used it. To scoop the yogurt out of the container.


I am going to be the mom that puts diaper ointment in the kids hair, thinking it’s shampoo.


I think I was thinking about blogging about meeting V tomorrow (Birth mom’s initial), and I just wasn’t focusing.

Oh yes, and few asked about names. Well, we have a first and middle name picked out, but we won’t share that with you until 8 days after placement, treating placement like birth, since there are no other markers to use. But V also has named her, so at our meeting tomorrow, we’ll have to talk about all of that. We are totally OK with a PK (Potential kid) having 3 names, PLUS our hyphenated last names, too. Both Narda’s and my last names have strong connections for us, so those stay, too. But it’s a beautiful name, just trust us. It honors Narda’s mom, and my grandmother, z”l.

Any and all “conversation topics” for tomorrow are welcome! OMG – TOMORROW. Holy crap.

I have to go poop.

12 thoughts on “I put a meat spoon in my yogurt!

  1. I couldn’t imagine having only DAYS to prepare! There is such a difference in theory and in practice (in my minimal experience!). Definitely sending you warm thoughts!

  2. OMG, SHELLI! I’ve been away, and just read that you got picked!!! WOW!!!
    Last night i was thinking about you guys and got this very big vibe that you’re going to be parents VERY SOON!! Don’t want to jinx anything but boy i hope it’s really true this time…OMG! I’d be capping up a storm too, if i were in your shoes!!!

  3. How incredibly exciting! Sorry about the yogurt & spoon thing, but actually, it’s awfully cute.

    The name stuff is such a wonderful challenge to have — more stressful than we expected, but as things settle into clarity, you just know what’s right for your family and your little one.

    Good luck with everything! For conversation topics, I would go with asking her about herself, her likes & dislikes, her hopes & dreams, etc.

  4. I was just thinking that the spoon thing was a bit adorable. You’ve got “baby brain”!
    Looking so forward to hearing about Thursday…it’s only a day away. (I dare you not to start singing Annie now.)

  5. Damn you, D!!!!!!!

    It’s now in my head, and shant’ leave until…



  6. Shelli – I wish I had 1,000,000 things for you to talk about but I have a feeling that, even if I did, you’d probably forget each and every one. The conversation will probably flow quite nicely. I imagine it will be an emotional time, so I hope they have Kleenex on hand. I think that asking her about herself is important, as well as knowing exactly “what” she wants to be to the baby. I think that’s a given though…….you will be just fine. Nervous and emotional but, hey, your emotion is part of what sold you to her. It’s in your letter, it’s in your heart. You will be just fine, darling!! Can’t tell you to sleep well – I know you won’t. But at least try to poop lots before you get there so that you can spend as much time with her as you can. She will just love you both!

  7. That’s may be one of the funniest blog titles you’ve written in quite some time.

    This is a whole new brand of the 2ww.

    *wiggles with excitement*

  8. if all else fails there’s always the super bowl to talk about

    I’m going to check your blog every fifteen minutes tomorrow. Soooo excited for you both!

  9. Narda & Shelli! I am so so excited for you guys! This sounds so good and promising. I bet you are crapping a lot!
    Love and hugs girls! and lots of happy tears too!

  10. You remind me of the day my friend had family with young children visiting from Israel… She told me to try the kids’ toothpaste, that it tasted really great — and I accidentally ended tasting the diaper rash creme instead. Darn can’t-read-em labels. Yuk.

  11. Okay, it’s Thursday at 4:25pm Eastern Time. What could you possibly have to do that is more important than updating the internet world about your meeting today? We’re all getting poopy-feeling just waiting………

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