We’ll know more on Monday.

I’m sneaking back from auditions to update, as we just got another call…

-Girl, born Dec. 17
-Birth mom is 41 years old, mild pot usage, other kids are healthy
-Has one gay son, thus leaning towards a gay family
-picked us and one other family, leaning more towards us, will look at our album on Monday
-If she picks us, we’ll go meet her on THURSDAY.


Will write more when I know more – thanks for the support and mooshy love!

gotta go run back to monotoring auditions…

17 thoughts on “update

  1. I’m sending the birth mom some “pickShelliandNarda” vibes as I type…..

    Yuck on the auditions-how are they going?

  2. *happy dance* this is great… this is promising… this is… ooooooohhhhhh…. *fingers crossed, toes crossed, eyes crossed*

    Hoping so much for you ladies. *xoxo*

  3. I hope this one will be more open to the whole adoption biz, being (a) older, (b) already a parent, and (c) past the hormonal mess associated with birth. That said, I have a good feeling about this one.

  4. Thinking of you and wishing you all the BEST. I really, really hope that this is the one for you! Keeping my fingers crossed …

  5. Sending you the very best of luck! (need to email you with another update about myself, things ahve really gone to shit this time). Kerryn

  6. I am just doing my not yet patented, just invented “s&ngetababy” dance. I am so hoping that this goes through, because, well you both deserve it! “Get a baby” vibes are in full force.

    Good luck to you both!


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