Why I *heart* Grey’s Anatomy

Now here at Hydrangeas Are Pretty, I tend to stay away from becoming a TV commercial, but I must admit to our Sunday night passion – Grey’s Anatomy at 10pm, and the L Word at 11pm.

One of last night’s story lines on Grey’s Anatomy involved the blonde intern who is one of the trio of housemates that lives with George. (I’m HORRIBLE at remebering character names, and ONLY remeber Roseanne Barr because that was the name of her show, so forgive me here, there will be lots of references to hair color and character traits…)

Anyhoo, we learn that the blonde intern who is working in the neo-natal unit with the wife of the guy who had the affiar with the other chick (see, told ya) had a daughter. And she gave her up for adoption. We learn this as she is communicating with a young pregnant teen. I assume that she is going to talk about how much she regrets her decision, how awful it all is, etc. But NO! She says it’s the best thing she could have done for her daughter, and she even encouraged the pregnant teen to give her baby up for adoption!

WOW. Adoption shown in a positive light, on NATIONAL TV. ROCK ON, Grey’s Anatomy. I like the show for so many reasons, and now here’s one more.

5 thoughts on “Why I *heart* Grey’s Anatomy

  1. That whole scene made me cry. My mom was a young mom (barely 16) and I cant help but wonder sometimes how different my life would have been if she had chosen adoption.

    I just recently got hooked on Grey’s Anatomy. Just what I needed, another show to be hooked on! 🙂

  2. Love Greys anatomy – have to go to bed at 11 but always catch the L word on monday night at 9!

    Thank goodness Bet didn’t cheat tonight – I think I would have turned off the telly!

  3. I agree. We love that show, and those scenes were incredible.

    My partner, Trish, was adopted, as well as her older bio-sister (to different families). We’ve met her younger siblings (7, for a total of 9 kids!), and we’re so thankful that Trish and Lisa were able to get the upbringing they did. Was truly the best thing for them.

    An aside, Trish’s b-mom called her mom when T was a couple years old, asking if they’d like another child. Never heard back from her, but we know now which sib that would have been. (Her b-mom lived with T’s parents during her last trimester)

    Thinking of you this week.

  4. I have been hooked on the show since day one and feel like it’s getting better. That scene (really sceneS) brought tears to my eyes and I immediately thought of you!!! I don’t know that I can say I thought adoption was *not* portrayed positively, but I was soooo impressed with how the exchange went between the women in this case!

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