When doubt sets in…

So V (Birth mom) is supposed to visit the agency today or tomorrow to look at albums – ours and the other family.

I ALWAYS feel that No News is BAD news when it comes to the adoption thing. So my fear is that she went in, looked at the albums and chose the other family.

I could be totally wrong, but that’s where my head is right now.

Granted, it would be SO WAY easier if everything happened AFTER March, but we’lll take whatever comes our way WHEN it comes.

I’m just sharing what’s going on in my head with you right now.

I’m about to go shower and go into work, as there’s just way too much that needs to get done in order for me to be gone a week and a half on this audition tour, and (G-d willing) a bit of time after that, so I have to really get things in order at my office, including the “what I do on a daily basis job description thing”). So I feel I’ll be spending some late nights at work this week.


6 thoughts on “When doubt sets in…

  1. I understand how you feel about the no news is bad news thing… that happens to me too and I am so trying to switch to a more positive state of mind…

    Don’t work too hard this week. I will continue to keep you both in my thoughts!


  2. It’s probably easier for her to decide to go in tomorrow than it would be to go in and decide on a family today. I certainly hope that is the case. My eyes are peeled to the computer screen.
    I’m with you in that things will fall together with regards to work if this is your turn. I also have the “things will be fine” attitude. And they will…

  3. i’m on the edge of my seat over here! i can’t imagine how nervous you must be 😉 waiting with bated breath.

  4. Wow, I just found your blog and I already hooked! That is amazing what you’re going thru.(And I thought my waiting was hard, you beat me hands down!) I agree with no news is good news. Have my fingers crossed for you!

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