the orange shower curtains

So Narda and I went to visit the “Gates” – the Jean Claude and Christo “saffron” concoction that is taking over Central park. My cable to upload photos is at work, and today is Presidents Day, a day to reflect on the greatness of past presidents, so lets go shopping, but that’s another entry for another day…. I have HUGE issues with the “Gates” and I refer to them as the shower curtains, but we went anyway. I got some cool pictures, actually, and will post them tomorrow. There is this odd “Safety Orange” feeling to Central Park, and if you look at it in the distance, it looks like a big construction site. There have been some websites devited to spoofing the gates, including the crackers, and the mini gates, an instalation in someone’s bedroom. I read about them in the NY Times, and will post links at work. My computer at home is an old lap top, which doesn’t even support OS 10, so I do rudimentary stuff here, like order from Fresh Direct (THE BEST INVENTION IN THE WORLD) – and check e-mail.

If anyone can show me how to do paragraph seperations here, that’d be great.

(this is a paragraph test – Cat just showed me, let’s hope it works)

Thanks for letting me ramble, enjoy the snow, NYC – it’s pretty for only about 12 minutes….

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