7 thoughts on “I shudder

  1. It is truly disgusting that those people were clapping. I am ashamed to say that I live in Oregon. I voted in support of gay marriage and am so sad that I was out voted. I’ll keep fighting anyway I can though.

  2. It’s a shame you feel the need to call people idiots simply because they hold a differing opinion. You’d be clapping if it didn’t pass and I’m sure you wouldn’t like people calling you an idiot for doing so.

  3. then why are you anonymous. Tell me who you are, and let’s have an adult conversation about it. I share my name and opinion with the world, since I’ve chosen to blog on the internet instead of a “dear diary” and a pen. I tell you my name and my opinion. Why not tell me yours? The only good reason to be anonymous is to give charity. That is the highest form of charity. You don’t know me, my partner, what we’ve bene through in this life or the struggles we’ve faced.

    I sure as heck would be clapping if it didn’t pass. I used the word Idiots, because only IDIOTS owuld vote to deny people basic human rights.

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