the waii-ting, is the hardest part

So the latest update is that the Birthmother DID call her Social Worker (SW) and left a message. The SW wasn’t at her desk at the time. The baby’s doctor’s appointment has been moved to Friday, simply due to scheduling, nothing more.

So what does all of this mean?

That we won’t know diddly squat for a while. UGH. Even if the Birth Mother (BM) DOES come into the office and looks at the books, she could take a while to decide.

It’s HARD waiting. It’s a WHOLE new kind “two week wait” – hmm, OK, let’s see, if we count May 5th (phone call) as Ovulation and insemination day, then Thursday, May 19th would be the day we get to “POAS” (pee on a stick) to see if we are pregnant.

OK, putting into that perspective makes it all a little easier….

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