Is it possible to get overly emotional during ovulation instead of “pre menstrual?”

Maybe it’s because my friends Cat and S are having such a hard time, too…

or maybe because I’m watching “Same Sex America” – a documentary on Showtime too (GO SHOWTIME – First, Queer As Folk, then the L Word – {drool} and now shows about the legalizing of Same Sex Marraige) – GO support Showtime! Showtime!

But I’m a mess.

WHY does George Bush CARE if Narda and I get married? How do we “threaten” America? Why can’t we marry? Why can’t I get pregnant? Why can’t a relatively healthy baby of ANY color be available for us to adopt?

It’s all too much sometimes.

I miss Narda.

Wow – thanks for letting me vent – the internet is a great dear diary.

S said she had an encounter today that made her think about the phrase “let go and let G-d” – I like that phrase, and I want to let go so much, so what am I holding onto for dear life, and why can’t I just let go?

3 thoughts on “PMO?

  1. It is possible to be emotional at “O” time. I have this sometimes too.

    They just legalized gay marriage in Spain and Canada is not far behind they are expected to do it very soon. So there is a trend globally in the right direction. I’m hoping and praying that our country will do the right thing sooner than later. I fear until Dubya is out of there we will have to keep hoping.

    We can’t let go because it’s painful to want things so deeply and be faced with the fact that we have to go through so much to get them with no guarantees we will get them. We are entitled to all the emotions without having to make apologies for them. Yes, it’s easier said than done but it’s true none the less. Hoping this dip in the rollercoaster precedes a huge upswing for you.

  2. Hi, I’m so touched by your blog and been meaning to make a comment for a while.

    Things really are changing globaly. Two years ago a friend of mine called Mick had a blessing with his boyfriend, and they have drawn up papers with their lawer stating that if anything should happen to one of them, the other will get everything, and should they ever split up, they would share everything they have equally. It’s not the same as marriage, but they had a beautiful day, exchanged vows and rings, and call each other husband.

    Another friend of mine, also gay, donated his sperm to a female couple, who now have a son. He is the boys “Uncle” and sees him occasionally, but the girls are his parents. They are a lovely family, and anyone who thinks that same sex couples can’t raise a child need their heads examined (after all, if a single mother lived with her sister, no one would comment. The child is being loved by two women, and wont grow up warped! Why should that be any different!)

    I know you are having a horrible time right now, and I am sorry for you. But keep up hope. The world’s opionion is catching up with individuals, and it’s only a matter of time before something happens which will let you make your dreams come true.

    All the best

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