time zones

Narda is in California, and I am in NY. EVERY time she goes off to do a show somewhere, some stupid part of me likes to block out unpleasant experiences, so I always say: “Sure, take the job, it’ll be great for us – the money’s good, it’s so and so, and you love so and so, it’s adventure, etc. etc. etc.”

I need to write it down so that I REMEMBER the next time and instead say – NO, don’t go – remember how we HATE being apart for these long stints?

Communication is horriffic at best – I’m going to sleep when she’s getting off work. She’s NOT a morning person – did I mention that she’s NOT a morning person? OK – let me be clear here – she’s SO NOT a morning person – so when I get to work and call her to give her a wake up call, well. Remember the movie Frankenstein? The part where he “comes to life” via lots of electricity? And he grunts and groans and stumbles around? Well that would be FUN compared to Narda before coffee. Now I overexaggerate a bit to illustrate the point – actually, she’s just not very good at mornings, and is fine once she’s had some coffee. I’m sure she’d be happy to chat about my “gotta get to bed, because I’m turning into a pumpkin” syndrome, but this isn’t about me right now…

So all of this to say when we DO chat, it’s for about 5 minutes at a time, and never anything of substance, so little spats are WAY more common, since we aren’t having any “real” conversations right now. We did actually have a nice conversation the other day, as she had the day off, and she had mentioned that she was talking to her friends out there about the same thing I’m writing about now.

I’m SOOOO glad the temproary “long distance relationship” part is almost over – I go to LA on the 3rd to see her, and will stay until the 16th. Then she comes home on the 18th. For good.


Then I’ll be writing about the “re-entry” fights – but those are always fun.

OK, I’m turning into a pumpkin and MUST go to bed.

Be well all, and thanks for reading, and thanks for posting notes, I love reading your notes!

2 thoughts on “time zones

  1. I too hate the long distance thing. Send her a love letter. When someone is away it is nice to send a little piece of home and love to remind them how wonderful it will be when they return.

    Hope the time flies and re-entry is smooth sailing. If there are any sparks at least they can end with make up *sex* yippie!

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