You may discuss

I finished it last night at 1am. NEW theories below…

Snape could have killed Harry if he wanted to. I STILL believe that he is good, but that Dumbledore told Snape that if he ever had to make a choice, that he should save Harry.

I’m WAY sad at D dying, but I know that he’ll live on in his portrtaits.

OK – discuss away…

(I have LOTS more theories, but I have to get back to work…)

6 thoughts on “You may discuss

  1. I had to actually stop reading and do something else for a bit, I was so upset about that chapter!

    Here’s what I think….Snape really hasn’t turned evil, and here’s why.

    *When he was asked by Narcissa to make the Unbreakable Vow, he hesitated, then said yes-it was almost like he knew that, to gain Bella’s trust (she being so close to Voldy), he would have to do that.

    *When Narcissa asked him to protect Draco at all cost, his hand trembled-again, knowing that he would die if he went back on his vow (the consequence of the vow if it were broken), he had to protect his identity as double agent.

    *DD and Snape’s argument in the forest that Hagrid overheard-I think that it wasn’t about the DADA job or whether Snape could continue his double life, but that he confessed that he made the Vow, and DD told him that he had to follow through, despite his feelings, to play the part and gain Voldy’s trust. I think that Snape didn’t want to do it. DD also didn’t want Draco (basically a child) to become a murderer-in essence protecting Draco.

    *Snape’s revulsion and hate as he killed DD-it was self-loathing, not towards DD. And, when DD pleaded, it wasn’t to be spared, it was to remind Snape to not lose his nerve and blow his cover-to follow DD’s orders in the forest.

    *His confrontation with Harry after DD’s death-he didn’t kill Harry, in fact, he blocked a Killing Curse that another DE sent. He also knocked Harry down and gave him some advice (about keeping his mind closed), instead of hurting him.

    *Snape’s reaction when Harry called him a coward-He (Snape)reacted emotionally because he hated himself for what he did (killing a friend) and Harry, calling him out on it, had no idea of the sacrifice or the situation that led up to it.

    Honestly, I think that we might see DD and Sirius again, but they are definitely dead. Perhaps, in a dream or vision (Harry does get asked throughout the books if he has Seer blood in his family). But, I think that Wormtail will have a big part in the next book-lurking around doors to listen in might mean that he’s getting shut out of what’s going on, and he might pick up useful info to help Harry, since he is still in Harry’s debt. I also think that Wormtail will kill Lupin in the end-notice the silver hand he has?

    Ok, that’s all for now…actually, it’s more than enough!

    Can’t wait to dish some more with you!

  2. TOTALY agree, 100%.

    I KNEW Snape was OK in chapter 2, at the twitch. I forgot about the conversation in the forrest, and I, too, thought the hatred was towards himself, and the Coward reaction was as if to say: You have no bleepin clue how I just saved your ass by killing my friend and mentor….

    TOTALLY agree! 🙂

  3. I agree with S…DD told Harry that even if he died, he would still be expected to follow DD’s orders, and I’m sure he told the same to Snape. DD knew that he had to protect Draco-he is a student in his school after all, and DD values that over his own life anyday.

    I still believe that DD was right all along, that there is a reason why Snape could be trusted. It’s better than believing the alternative-that DD was wrong, even once! DD is never wrong, even though he didn’t know about the false Horacrux. Speaking of which, R.A.B. -the only person I can identify with those initials are Regulus Black, Siruis’ brother. In OoTP he tells Harry that Regulus tried to renege on Voldemort, and he was killed for it. Are we to assume that if it is Regulus that took the locket, did he finish his job of destroying it? I guess we are to assume so, since he is dead.

    Anyway, I do have more theories, as well, but I have to go. Good book, eh? I am rereading it slowly again, myself. There are lots of clues in those first few chapters, as well as that scene in the forest. I’d forgotten about that one.


  4. I have to confess that, for the first time ever, I had to peek ahead to see what was going on. (I know, I know, I’m ashamed of myself, but as I read the first few chapters with Alexis pulling and grabbing at me and the book, I realized it will be THE THIRD THURSDAY OF NEVER before I finish this book) Ok, with that out of the way, I do so hope you’re right. I can’t believe Snape has turned evil, and I like the theory that Dumbledore had said he must save Harry if it ever came down to it. I had long theorized that, if Harry is to live through the end of book 7–which I’m not sure of–Snape would have to sacrifice himself to save Harry.

    In the third movie (book, too, but it’s more vivid from the movie), in the scene when Lupin transfigures into a werewolf, Snape instinctively shielded Harry, Ron and Hermione with his own body. You don’t do that if you want to kill someone, right? I mean, maybe for whatever reason Snape had to maintain his cover at Hogwarts and so couldn’t kill Harry himself, but if he was still a Death Eater, he certainly could have LET Harry be killed by someone or something else.

  5. Oooh, I forgot about the locket! Yeah, it is more than likely Regulus-especially since he was specifically mentioned in the beginning of the book by Slughorn (and Rowling never mentions something if she doesn’t want you to remember it)….

    Here’s a disturbing thought-the Inferi (how creepy were they?). I think that Voldemort is going to use them against Harry in the end-maybe using dead bodies that Harry knows….his parents… fight him? How fucked up would THAT be?

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