feeling like a mom for 20 minutes

Our friends Liz and Lisa moved a couple of weeks ago, and I went and helped them. I got in some time with their yummy son, my favorite almost 2 year old, too.

We were cleaning out a closet, and out comes the mcClaren XT

And they offer it to us, gratis, saying that some friends of theirs had given it to them, and since they have the bugaboo (drool) they didn’t need it and do we know of anyone who wants it.

Imagine the scene, if you will, Hermione Granger (you KNEW I’d get a Harry potter reference in here somehow…) in class, knowing the answer to a question. So if course, I blurt out – us! We’d LOVE it! So they then also haul out a baby backpack – not just ANY baby backpack, but this one deos windows! It’s a hiking baby backpack. (And to get around all of the Jewish superstition, we are putting it into our storage unit in the basement, which Liz and Lisa own, and we can buy it back from them when we need it, for a dollar!)

So after I’m all sweaty and gross from to move them, I take my goodies on the subway, and people stood out of the way as I entered the subway car! NEW experience! AS I leave the subway, I open the stroller and put the backpack inside, to make easier maneuvering to our apartment. I got looks and SMILES!

It was a FUN adventure, that was oh, too short, and the first time I drove a stroller to our house. It felt GREAT. And I can’t wait for a bi-pedal to be sitting in it.

For now, whenever I need to get more toilet paper, I get a little sneak peek at the stoller, and my heart leaps a little.

2 thoughts on “feeling like a mom for 20 minutes

  1. I know how you feel – when I went outside this morning, two of my neighbors were sorting through baby clothes that they didn’t sell at the ill-fated yard sale. They said, here, take anything you want!!!! So now I have a bin full of adorable baby clothes in the storage space.

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