Stef in Oliver

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Stef in Oliver, originally uploaded by shellipsm.

Stef was the BEST part about Oliver, truly! the chick who played Nancy SUCKED ASS. Oliver was too nasaly and not waifish AT ALL, Faigin was horrid, but the kids who played Noah and The Artful Dodger were great, too.

Go Stef!

I’ll write more later about it, but I had to share this picture.

3 thoughts on “Stef in Oliver

  1. Aw, shucks-I’m blushing! You’re so sweet!

    Urgh, you can’t see the tit makeup that I put on! Gotta make sure it’s darker for tomorrow night…..

    HAPPY BIRF-DAY girl! I hope you have a good day and you do whatever the hell you want today-you deserve it!

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