Friday the 19th at 10am, we meet the birth Mother.


I’m actually MORTE freaked out about work! I sent a letter off to my boss, who was really sweet, and said he’d call me this next week, so we can talk about it all. I’m so ready to do this, but I’m also terrified to not be at work, getting all of the important things done.

Here’s a copy of the letter I sent him…


Some wonderful news has landed our way. We have been chosen by a birth mother to parent her child. She is due with a baby girl on August 28th. We have received a whirlwind of information in a very short amount of time and there is always the chance that she will ultimately choose to parent the child herself. Still, we are thrilled and terribly excited.

I will need to take advantage of the family and medical leave act for 12 weeks beginning early September and then I would return to work full time. I am grateful that this is happening now, as opposed to during the audition period, and I want to talk with you first and figure out how to make this easiest for all of us.

My thought is that I could still come in for the big faculty meeting, orientation, sharings and the like. I could be available by phone, and for emergencies, of course, and could even come in a few hours a week, to do the schedule, the weekly sign out sheets, and audition scheduling. Narda will be teaching full time; however, she is only required to be at school 3 days a week. I’m also open to any ideas and suggestions you may have.

Please feel free to give me a call on my cell phone, as I’m in LA right now, and our dear Ed, from the front desk, will be my date for the Opening Night of Radio Golf. I’m treating this time in LA as a REAL vacation, as G-d willing, it will be our last one for a while.

After the Birth Mother gives birth, there is a 72 hour period of time where she is not allowed to sign termination rights, and therefore, she has the option to change her mind. We are proceeding with the notion that she will continue with her adoption plan, but there is always the chance that she can change her mind. I am telling you first and have not spoken to HR or the benefits office; I wanted us to have a plan of action first.

I hope you are well and I’m sorry that this wondrous and joyous event may make things a bit tough for a few months. I am committed to this job and willing to do whatever I can to make things as easy as possible for everyone involved.

Thanks for listening. I look forward to chatting with you. (I’m here in LA until the 16th of August).

What have some of you done, in terms of work? How did you handle taking the time off? Did you get time off? What was your experience like?

3 thoughts on “work

  1. I stayed home with my son for the first year, and i was damn lucky to be able too. Of course, we ate beans for that whole year, but hey! we ate! I did not use the FMLA, I simply resigned from my job, which was the better choice, as they werent a family oriented company. I wouldnt trade my decision for the world!

    I am really hoping this all comes through for you and Narda! How is she feeling, what is she saying????? You dont mention her much through all of this and i am curious……..

    Also, look into childcare as soon as you know for sure, Here in Florida, theres a waiting list for all the “good” places and they are few and far in between. Do you have family to watch baby girl while your at work?

    I am so excited for you! I am jumping up and down! No, really, I am! lol

  2. If you need a sitter anytime I’m willing and able. You can even drop baybee off at my office and all that jazz… Just want you to know we are there for all of you when the time comes.

  3. thanks! We’ll probably go with private care for a few days a week, as Narda will only teach 3 days a week, and I’m going to try and do a 4 day week – but we’ll see. My dad will come into town for the first few weeks to help out, too. As for Narda, she’s thrilled. I don’t write about her much, as this is my “dear diary” so to speak, but I’ll post about her shortly. 🙂

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