I love my boss

I love my boss! He’s totally fine with finding a sub for me for the 12 week FMLA period. He’s thrilled that I’m even willing to come in for a brief spell every so often, but thinks I should just focus on the baby, and not worry about my job, as indeed, it’s a pretty easy time period during the beginning of school.

ALL of this is contingent on Monday’s outcome…

3 thoughts on “I love my boss

  1. Hot damn! I just read all your previous posts since anxiety… Congrats to little baby girl for being born. I’m praying and hoping that Monday brings you and Narda the greatest news of all… (((Hugs)))

    You will all be in my thoughts this weekend… except when I’m humping hehe ;).

  2. You seem really happy that your boss will allow you to take your maternity leave, and is willing to get a sub for you. You won’t believe it but here in Ontario, Canada parent has the right to a YEAR of parental leave for a new baby or an adoption. Either parents can take the leave, or they can split the time any why they like. If the mom doesn’t work for someone else, the dad can take the entire year if he wants. Mind you it is not at full salary but then, you don’t have the expense of travelling to your job other job related expenses either.

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