Quincy sits vigil…

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Quincy sits vigil…, originally uploaded by shellipsm.

These odd teeny tiny flying beetle like things have taken up residence under our stove, and Quincy discovered them a few days ago… well, he has since been sititng vigil by the stove, looking for the tiny playmates that mommies have to smooosh with a paper towel.

We just have to get the super up here to pull out the stove and dishwasher, so we can clean and vacuum and seal up behind there – this is our first “bug” incident in 3 years, so that’s not bad, i guess, and at least we have 24 hour surveilance……


3 thoughts on “Quincy sits vigil…

  1. I’m a bit jealouse that it’s your first bug incident… but I know all too well the creepy crawly feeling that you probably get watching the cat watch under the stove. Or maybe that’s just me because one of our cats watches for roaches to come out… ugh.


  2. Haha! That’s too great. Bet she loves it. I have a photo of my kitty looking like that at the freezer defrosting, as the little drops plop down! She was entertained for hours. Cheap tv.

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