Joy. pure joy

First off, good Shabbos. My Shabbat internet usage will slowly taper off, as Narda and I work towards trying to fill in the spiritual side of our lives a bit more, and what a wonderful way to do so by not watching tv, surfing the web or doing work, and by forcing ourselves to relax and enjoy life – read a book, go for a walk, etc.

But until that time….

Last night at Shul, I got to hold Derek, the 2 month old baby of M and S – two great dads at our Shul, and the ones who tipped us off to the other agency, Friends in Adoption. Derek was wide awake, flirting up a storm with me (they were sitting one row behind us), and S stands up, brings Derek over and has me hold him for a bit. he coos and makes noises, and makes a sucking image with his mouth, so I give him my index finger, nail side down (I used to NOT know that, OOPS, sorry Ravit!) and he sucks, looks at my eyes, and promptly goes to sleep.

It was pure bliss, my arm was tired, but it was OK, all was good. After services, M says that he just can’t get enough of me, he really likes me – I say it’s my smooshy body and dangly earrings, and S says not to sell myself short, it’s me, all me.

that felt really good.

And the next bit of joy I share with you can be found here: house of Miao

Best news I heard today! I’m SOOOO happy for you, Cat!

2 thoughts on “Joy. pure joy

  1. Don’t you LOVE borrowing babies?
    Okay, I know it’s not as good as having your own… but there were times when borrowed babies were all that got us through. So glad there were people out there willing to loan them. Charlie has already been on loan in his short life, and I am sure he will be many times more.

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