I dreampt I was pregnant, FINALLY. It was such a wonderful dream.

I dreampt that I gave birth, breech, but I just reached down, and pulled him out, smacked his tushie, and he cried, and was all fine. I nursed him in a restaurant and somewhere else, I don’t remember.

But it was such a wonderful dream. A lot of my dreams have been anxiety-ridden lately, but this one was pure bliss. I must have huge tits, however, because I couldn’t get my right boob out of my bra for a while, in my dream – it took a a while to lift the jello-like object out of the holster. I’m sure there’s a “feeling of inaequate prepardness to feed a child/freudian symbolism there” but it was just kind of funny.

As more and more people I know turn up pregnant, at least I can join them in my dreams…

4 thoughts on “dreams…

  1. wow. that is a nice dream. If anything, the fact that you were delivering your baby, shows that your subconscious acknowledges that you are not powerless. Or something like that. You didn’t ask for an interpretation so…I’ll zip it now. 🙂

  2. I love those pregnancy dreams…at least it shows you can imagine that happiness. Hope it happens in daylight soon!! (pregnancy or otherwise)

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