Narda and I went to see the most charming Israeli flick last night, called USHPIZIN – in Hebrew it means literally holy guests. It is the “etherial” guests that we are supposed to invite to our sukkot (plural) over the holiday of Sukkot (noun).

Here’s the site for the movie: Ushpizin

Go see it if you can, it’s delightful, and rather soul-affirming.

(and for those that are just curious about those of our religion that don the black coats in the midst of a hot summer, it’s rather insightful as to the why’s and wherefores…)

We did slightly wonder what folks thought of us walking in to see the movie on the lower east side of Manhattan, a black woman, a white woman,

wearing Hebrew-speaking couple – no one ever does look at us with a welcoming look – it’s always the “wtf” look. Narda leaned over and said to me: “I should have worn my Kippah, and really messed with them…” It IS odd – we are pretty religious. we just happen to be a bi-racial lesbian couple.

Go figure.

2 thoughts on “Ushpizin

  1. But the funny looks are what makes it worth it to be a biracial lesbian jewish couple. Without that, what would be the point?
    I am in it for the looks. But I’m boring. Just two white girls with no particular religious affiliation. But that baby makes people notice. 🙂

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