So my mother sends me an e-mail that says: “you can have what Sacha has. If you choose.” I played dumb and sent her an e-mail back, asking her to explain what she meant. What she meant is that Sacha (one of my oldest and dearest friends) lives in Portland, with her HUSBAND, and two children. It was such a low blow, so hurtful, and sadly, a reminder that contact with her future grandchild will be VERY limited.


***She writes back, stating that: “You could be married and have children. If you choose.” I wrote back that I am, for all intents and purposes, and that we are trying to do so.


AND, Dr. Park, my audiologist calls back with the results from my hearing test, and “all is normal.” Thank G-d, but now he says I probably have a “central processing disorder.’ – go on, google it – ack.

AND, the Birth mom will be in the office on FRIDAY. at 2pm. So we may not hear anything until Monday. Oh yeah, and it’s a girl, and she has a name picked out already, and would be very interested in a direct placement.

We are waiting to hear back how many of the other families said yes.

So we wait.

It’s a hard day today.

9 thoughts on “ugh-UPDATED

  1. Big, huge hugs. Lots of them. I’m sorry that you have had a confluence of tough news and hope that good news (the BEST news) is not far behind.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your blog. I became involved as I browsed. Sorry you have had such a tough trot and hope everything bodes well for the future. All the best. I will certainly vist again to see how you progress. Frances.

  3. Holy crap your Mom! I can’t wait to shower you with hugs later this week. It’s just not fair that our mom’s are so damn nuts.

    You are married you will have everything you want and your mom can piss off.


  4. Does your mother know any hetero couples with infertility? As Kate Clinton would say “just shut down the logic valve, shall we?”

    besides the fact that it’s just so wrong for a mother not to love and support her children…I’m so sorry (but so understand)

  5. Urgh, how horrible of her! I’m gonna fly out there and give her some ‘ol “Italian talkin’ to” just like The Sopranos (if ya want)….it’s too bad that she can see beyond the box-you ARE a married woman who’s trying to do what other married are also having a hard time doing.

    Sigh……I’m sending you hugs and hoping for the best….

  6. Does becoming a mother give you automatic license to bitch to your kids about your own ideas of what would make THEM happy, even if they’re grown up and long-distance and haven’t lived in your house in decades and you really don’t know them anymore?

    Hoping you find out soon, but don’t use it.

  7. Oh, dears, I’m so sorry that your waiting-for-baby selves have to put up with comments like that, trying to steal your joy. Keep your chin up, your fingers crossed and your hearts open for the baby that I know will be coming to you…

  8. Sorry to hear about the mom comment. If it’s any consolation, I’m married to a man and I’ve *still* gotten the “you could have a child if (different treatments/different agency/etc.)” comments from my mom πŸ™‚ I know it’s a completely different situation, though. Hope you’re feeling better.

    I’m praying that this little girl is the one for you. Don’t understand the timing on getting the news!! We had one of those Friday birthmother visits and I *really didn’t see* why they wouldn’t have time to pick up the phone or send a quick email so that we wouldn’t have to be on pins and needles all weekend.

    I’ll take my share of the pins and needles for you while you wait to hear. Hopefully we can spread out some of the anxiety so that it doesn’t all have to be on you and Narda!!

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