74% of people in Texas voted to BAN Civil Unions for Same Sex couples.

Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

And then use your power to VOTE for change.

This need not be permanent.

It simply means that Narda and I will NEVER move to Texas…

5 thoughts on “74%

  1. Aw, hell, you don’t want to move there anyway-it’s too frickin’ hot and there’s dust, tornadoes and hurricaines, as well as rednecks….but, then again, there are rednecks right here in NJ…..

    Fuckers. I hope that they choke on their barbeque.

    Sorry……that was the progesterone talking……

    Hey, can’t go on Sat (or Thurs, I have to work-rats), btw-I have to cantor on Saturday afternoon and early Sunday morning…grr….I really really wanted to go. Plus, then we get into the whole “who will shoot me in the ass” debacle. I wish that I could go, though! You’d BETTER take pictures/movies with that nifty camera phone of yours!!!

  2. It’s sad. Trish is from TX, and would love to move back, but this is just another reason that we can’t.

    And yes, be very afraid.

  3. We’re in Texas and can’t really believe that it happened. There was already an amendment like this before–this is the second one!

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