So the Birth mother had to call and cancel, as she was feeling sick, and HER Social Worker confirmed that she did not sound well.

So she will probably re-schedule for next week.



Out of the 4 families:

-One became unavailable, due to another placement.
-Two were uncomfortable with the birthmother’s alcohol usage.

So we are the only family left.


Our agency does not like to tell birth mothers that “there’s only one left” so they will tell her that we enthusiastically said YES, and they want to show her a few more families, as the other families became “unavailable.”

So this is good news? Kind of.

Either she will go ahead, and say yep, I chose this family, and it looks good to me, or she will ask to look at other families, and make a new decision. Fridays are good for her (OY!), but HER SW will try and encourage her to come in earlier.

So all we know is that we continue to wait…

15 thoughts on “update…

  1. man. Talk about roller coaster.
    can we fed ex the BM some matzo ball soup???
    thinking of you guys & hoping, praying & visualizing that good things are just around the bend.

  2. Never realized there was such a thing as a ‘buyer’s market’ and ‘seller’s market’ in adoption. Clearly its a seller’s market right now (i.e. favoring the BM).

  3. hmmm, buyers and sellers market – not the first choice of vocabulary I’d use, but heh – perhaps.

    (Just don’t want the general public out there thinking we are buying a baby…)

  4. oh, how disappointing for you! we went through that a few times during our process. hang in there – i’ll be thinking about you!

  5. Sorry. I know you’re not buying a baby. I was trying to think of it in terms of supply-and-demand. Which may not sound too great either. I’m an idiot.

  6. I hope the BM can meet with you before next Friday and decide she wouldn’t want her baby anywhere else but with you two. Hang in there!

  7. Oh this is exciting and nerve wracking and full of possibilities! I’m thinking of you and willing that BM to come in much sooner. Much much sooner.

    I’m around all weekend if you want to chat or bitch or anything! *hugs*

  8. Egads! I am so sorry you have to wait yet again! I hope she gets her act in gear and shows up. How much alcohol? … if those other people have pulled out you have so much more chance. A few people I know here who have adopted got babies cuz other couples pulled out for what seem like crazy reasons. So I hope it goes through for you! Very exciting!

  9. OMG, good luck! It’s been a while since i checked here, but i’m so happy you’re getting closer to your child…

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