She’s in labor

Why do they always go into labor early?!


So our FABOO social Worker, Nicole, calls from her cell phone, saying that the birth mother left a message for HER SW that she was in labor.

next step? We wait to hear from OUR SW, to see if one of the following will happen:

1) She wants to parent (NOT such a worry for us, as she is 34, lives with a roommate, and is set on an adoption plan – UNLIKE the August situation, where she was 16 and WANTED to keep the baby, but her mom only relented in the hospital, after birth…)

2) She wants to look at other options for parents (A HIGH Probability, and what we fear)

3) She will want to move forward with us. (Ayieeeeeee! – Exciting and terrifying at the same time…)

A part of me thinks that maybe had Narda and I been in NY in August, instead of California, and that IF we had met with Tiarra, that she may have had a visual image of the potential parents for her child, and that it may have made it easier for her to go forward with an adoption plan, instead of parenting herself. But I know deep down that that is not true. The thoughts still come, however…

I know I cannot live in the “what-if’s,” it leads nowhere. But now I fear that since THIS Birth Mother has not met us, that perhaps it’s the same thing – we get a call, birth mother goes into labor early, decides to parent.

It is a fear, only because it is what we know, it is our experience.

Ultimately, we know nothing, and are waiting – we were resigned to it “not” happening, but now, hope is knocking on our window… and of course, I’m afraid to let her in.

26 thoughts on “She’s in labor

  1. I’ve got everything crossed that this turns out for you. I know that by now you are too afraid to hope, so I’ll do that for you.

    Love and light to you and Narda while you go through this yet again.

  2. Funny, though, how all the other potential adopting parents were somehow or another taken out of the picture and, what do ya know, the girl goes into labor EARLY!! …when the two of you are technically the only ones waiting. Can’t help but send hope for you and Narda. When will we know something?

  3. thanks everyone. We’ll obviously keep ya’ll updated.

    it’s funny, I was having a conversation with someone yesterday about it all, and then at the gym today, I realized that we had had the conversation about it, when Narda and I decided NOT to tell anyone about this one. So I called her, and asked about it, and she said since the person I was talking to would be responsible for work related duties if it happened….

    And then I said – I only told the internet! I didn’t tell Bobby or Amy or Sacha….

    heh – “I only told the internet.”

    Love that.

  4. Oh, I am praying to every saint that I can think of for you both-I hope you get your wonderful early Hanukkah present-and what a lovely one it would be!

  5. You though you ‘only told the internet’ but as I’d not heard from you I thought I’d google your blog and check out what was going on in your life.

    Now Amy knows too!

    Does this mean I may be spending the weekend with my newborn niece/nephew? How fabulously synchronistic.

    Can’t wait to be there for you – no matter how it all works out. Love you!!

  6. I really really really hope this is it for you. Am waiting here, and along with everyone else sending the “pick shelli & narda” vibes… COME ON!!!!

  7. I am praying Christian got Jewish and Muslim friends joining (don’t worry I didn’t mention names just to pray for two moms) and having everything crossed.

    Sophia from FF and RC

  8. shelli- i just saw this and oh my fucking god!!!!! i knew something was up with the universe- c’mon birthmom tell us what we wanna hear!!!!


  9. Holy Crap!! Just checked in a on a lark thinking… no news until Friday.

    May her labor be quick and the baby be healthy and she pick you and Narda to be the parents.

    I will light a candle for all three of you (Narda, you and baby).


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