still no news…

an e-mail from our SW…

I still haven’t heard anything. Elizabeth (Birth mom’s Social Worker) knows to let me know right away if she does. I’m not sure what this means Elizabeth is surprised she hasn’t heard from her as well. It might mean she has decided to parent but it still is to early to jump to any conclusions. I will be out of the office tomorrow but I will be checking my messages if I hear anything I will call you. If not again hang in there and try to have a good weekend. – Nicole

7 thoughts on “still no news…

  1. It was nice of her to update you but I wish so that it was news of the more concrete and positive sort.

    Will be holding out some hope.


    Thinking of you ladies.

  2. sigh. everything cat said, and we’re just sitting on our hands otherwise. i hope you have a GREAT evening with HP & get some good news soon! we love you, shelli & narda!!!

    -conchita & the family

  3. (((Shelli & Narda))) I’m sorry things are so up in the air. Have a great time at HP (so jealous!) and I hope you get good news soon.

  4. I keep checking in on you to see if you have news, either way – I don’t know how you have the patience to do this… you are clearly better people than I. While I hope it turns out in your favor I certainly pray you have the strength to deal whichever way! (((S&N)))

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