the bounty – I think I made a bit too much…

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I made everything except the square thing at the forefront. (Janette’s rice casserole, THANK YOU Janette for making this and dropping it off even though you went off to Florida!)

Oy! I didn’t realize HOW much food I had actually made!

but it was YUMMY, and we’ll be eating well for the next few days at least…

6 thoughts on “the bounty – I think I made a bit too much…

  1. Looks fab!
    My father made enough to feed the entire block… even though it was just the four of us (well, unless you count Charlie) and we had already eaten.
    Oh well. He had fun. Though I suspect we’ll be invited over for leftovers tonight.

  2. Looks fabulous! Hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving, and hopefully your colds didn’t get too bad. I hear Airborne helps.

  3. Ok. Now I want to see what your fridge looks like!
    All that looks soooo good!
    What is the dish front & center? The sort of yellowish casserole.

  4. that’s Janette’s “white trash broccoli rice casserole.”

    It’s cream of mushroom soup, cheeze wiz, instant rice, and frozen broccoli – sounds funky – but it’s SOOOO yum! 🙂

    I never eat those things uless it’s her rice casserole – and belive you me, it’s FABOO!

  5. Looks like you have a fantastic bounty of yummies! My sister brought twice baked mashed potatoes, I think I gained about 20 pounds or so on thanksgiving….

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