Down to Two… (and a bfn)

So we get a call from “Faboo Nicole” that the parents of the birthmother narrowed the 4 down to two.

We are one of the two.

They have taken our photo albums home, and will mull over them over the weekend. We should hear something Tuesday or Wednesday.

Oh yeah, and we tried sperm this cycle two, and that was a big ole bust – someone commented on someone else’s blog (sorry, I forgot who) that “I might as well stick hundred dollar bills up my hooter, for all teh good it’s doing me.”

If there is no baby come March, we’ll try an IVF, as it’s all my insurance will allow.

If THIS baby works out, it will be the WORST timing ever. but we’d still be SO grateful.

Happy Chanukah everyone, we’re in Portland right now, and we just got a LOVELY box of Holiday cookies from Estelle! Thank you – they are yummy.

I’m tired, and we just spent the evening with my mother. Again, another blog entry for another day, but suffice it to say, I’m sorry if I’m kind of all over the place here.

Happy Holidays!

7 thoughts on “Down to Two… (and a bfn)

  1. Shelli, I’m sorry about the BFN.

    I hope your visit with your mother isn’t too stressful.

    I’ve got my fingers crossed that the bm picks you and Narda (when will you know?).

    Happy Chanukah

  2. Just out of curiosity, does the adoption agency know that you’re still trying to get pregnant?

    We haven’t officially started our adoption path, however, everything I’ve read has (falsely?) indicated that agencies don’t like to put people in the pool if they’re still trying. If it’s old info I’m glad to know that it’s possible we could try both at the same time.

    Best of luck!!!!

  3. they don’t want you TTC while adopting. But I think a lot of folks do it anyway. Some are just more able to have an “oopsie” factor than we are. We didn’t do any sperm for a year, but did it this cycle, but it didn’t work.

  4. I hope you get chosen for the baby. I perfectly understand your desire to do both TTC and adoption, and how grateful you’d feel if both worked. Wishing that for you.

  5. Awesome. One more hurdle *done*. I am very excited for you, and sooooo hoping this is it. C’mon birthmom!

    The horrible timing is exactly how it happened for us, but I think that the excitement of finally having baby somehow gives you super endurance powers… you just might not get around to blogging as much and you’ll be really friggin’ exhausted. It’s like having finals for a month or so instead of just a week.

    Very sorry to hear about the BFN, which just never stops sucking. The March ultimatum sounds good, but I really hope that things work out before then.

    Happy Chanukah! Hoping for some good news tomorrow!

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