Cribs and formula and babies, oh my!

Long story short, it was mutual adoration, we had a great time with V, and she signed papers TODAY.

We pick up our daughter on Thursday, February 16th.


54 thoughts on “Cribs and formula and babies, oh my!

  1. such wonderful news!!!

    I am so excited for all three of you!

    enjoy these last few days of couple time before your baby comes home to you!

  2. I have been checking all day, and now am sheding tears of JOY for you. I am so thrilled for your little family. congrats mommies! You so deserve this! you’ll be the best moms ever!


  3. I am crying too. I am sitting here in an imposing lobby of a government office sniffling and crying for you two.


  4. I knew it!! I just knew it!!
    This is the most fabulous, rock star, wonderful news!

    Dear _____
    Welcome to one of the most beautiful families in the world. You will be loved, baby girl, you will be so loved!


  5. oh my god! amazing news! big lurker from FF here. have been following you’re journey on a pretty regular basis. i am just all choked up for you two! huge congrats to you both. you’re mommies!! and congrats to baby girl, too. what a lucky little girl she is!

  6. OMG!!!!!
    I’m so happy, happy, happy for the two of you!!!! No, make that, I’m so happy for that special little girl to be so lucky to join your family!!!!
    A thousand congratulations. She is indeed a very luckly little girl. And bless her bio-mom for having the wisdom to give her this incredible gift.

  7. Holy cow!!! I KNEW this one was going to work out. A heartfelt congrats. I have been dying for an update. Tears of joy for you, Narda, and the babe!!!!!!!!!
    Carrie (Targetgirl619 from FF)

  8. oh my gosh i am near tears.

    i have seen you post over and over again, congratulations to other mommies. and now, here you are…


  9. You guys are going to be the MOMMIES of the YEAR!!! There is so much joy out there for you! Less Sleep! But so much JOY!!!!!! Adding my tears to the pool!

  10. How awesome, we are so happy for you! I’ve even gotten Sarah to pay attention to this story and usually she just rolls her eyes at my talk of internet friends.

    Big huge congratuations from both of us and our fur babies!

  11. Oh, Shelli, you said, “our daughter”! How beautiful, wonderful, awesome, deserved and FANTASTIC this is. We are so happy for you… and we can’t wait to meet her!

    Jen & Cait

  12. Congrats, congrats, congrats! I’m so happy for both of you and can’t wait to read your blog on the 16th!

  13. Hi, I learked on FF. Can you believe that you’re gonna have a baby in your home and in your life? I’m glad you didn’t have to wait much longer as it’s already been such a long journey for both of you. Please post pictures of your baby! Lots to do in the next couple weeks huh? Many blessings to you and yours. p.s. my Mom gave her baby boy up for adoption when she was 17 and although it was the hardest thing she has ever done in her life she did it for the baby so the baby would have the life she couldn’t provide for him. Patti

  14. huzzah!!!!!!!!! Congrats congrats congrats!

    I can’t wait to see pictures, hear the name (at the appropriate time of course) and see you both go through the preparations & bringing her home!!! 😀

    Congrats you two!!

  15. You and Narda really deserve this. You have been so supportive and helpful to everyone – it is your turn to shine!!! If I could figure out how to do a ticker I would count down to the 16th for you in my FF account! Whoo Hoo!
    Paleleo from FF

  16. OMG!!

    That is fantastic!! I am so excited for you!

    (PS. I slammed my fist down so hard when I read this, I think I broke my mouse!!)


  17. Shelli & Narda

    So verrry happy for you and your family.

    Much luck, love and laughter!!!!

    Smooches 🙂

  18. OMG Shelli and Narda! This is the best news EVER! May your lives be filled with more joy as parents than you could ever have imagined. Mazal tov!!!

  19. Found your blog through E’s blog, and have been following along. Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you both!


  20. OMG!! I am so happy for the both of you!! You both are going to be fab parents! Lots of hugs and kisses to you, Narda and baby from the boys!

    Amy (from Fertility family)

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