More great news

Our original faboo social worker, Nicole, has a doctor’s appointment next week, and *might* get clearance to be at the placement ceremony on the 16th.

That would TOTALLY rock. I am SO crossing my fingers.

And since way too many of you have asked, I’ll get a list up soon, I promise. Having spent so long NOT preparing for a baby, we are slightly overwhelmed realizing that we ARE actually preparing for a baby.

We went to Buy Buy Baby last night and began looking around and registering. There’s SO much crap you really don’t need at those stores. We spent WAY too much time looking at clothes, and not enough time looking at crib mattresses, but ah well.

I WILL tell you this – We were told today that she is a) a GOOD eater of Enfamil with iron, b) getting a *bit* too big for her pampers #2’s, and we should buy #3’s (what does that mean?) and c) she’s outgrowing her 0-3 clothes, and we should buy 3-6 and 6-9 month clothes.

OK – and we’re doing the DR Brown bottles.

One thing I WOULD love to get going is a quilt. One where you, the big wide internets, and family and friends, etc. contribute a square each. 7 inches square, leave 1/4 inch for seam allowance on all sides. (I got this idea from a FF’er, and LOVED it, so I’m TOTALLY copying you, Angela, hope you don’t mind).

So I hope that’s enough to get ya’ll going. We really don’t need much, and we’d be VERY into hand me downs – all the stuff from your goodwill piles, we’ll be happy to take – boy OR girl clothes, or whatever, it doesn’t matter. We’re just SO grateful for all of the outpouring of love and support. That, in and of itself, is overwhelming.

So thank you. Truly and deeply.

17 thoughts on “More great news

  1. Disposable Diaper Sizes:
    Newborn = 6-10 lbs
    Size 1, Small = 8-14 lbs
    Size 2, Small/medium = 12-18 lbs
    Size 3, Medium = 16-38 lbs
    Size 4, Large = 22-37 lbs
    Size 5, Extra large = 30+ lbs
    Size 6, Extra extra large = 35+ lbs

  2. Shelli – this is so incredible! I cna’t wait to see a picture of her.

    There defiantely is SO much crap out there that you don’t need. Start minimally & as you find you need things, get them or ask everyone for them. We were so overloaded with useless stuff it was insane.

    Nathaniel is also on Enfamil. We’ve recently switched him to Enfamil Gentlease. If you find that she’s gassy, you should try it, It’s Great!!! Be prepared, it’s about $25-$30/week. I just recently found that you can buy this on Ebay as well – if you have time to follow the auctions – but you can save great there. Also on CM you can keep your eye out for coupons on the Sale or Trade boards.

    For the diapers, the #3 means Size 3. How much does she weigh? Diapers go mostly by weight. I’m really suprised she’s almost into 3s. WOW! I definately recommend Pampers Swaddlers. They have great grip around the legs & waist, no leaks!

    Are you going to be getting any maternity leave? Are you going back to work? What will you do for daycare?

    I’m so excited for you.

  3. I will send you a dozen Dr. Brown’s bottles, if you want them. And tons and tons of extra nipples (nipples are brand new).
    So check the bottles off the list. Tell me when you want me to “drop shipment” LOL.

  4. I would love to send you some material for a quilt. I think I might have some fabric that my husband bought in India or some stuff I got in Japan; I’ll have to rummage.

    How do we get it to you?


  5. Technical help needed. Does “7 inches square, leave 1/4 inch for seam allowance” mean

    1) a square that is REALLY 7 /2 inches on a side (1/4 inch seam allowance) or
    2) a 7 inch square but your design/embroidery/whatever does not extend into the outermost 1/4 inch on each side?

    Thank you!

  6. We’ll send 2 squares, one from each of us. Just let us know the where. texandblondie AT gmail DOT com. And I’d also like clarification, like Jen, on seam allowances. Just want to make sure it’s the right size.

  7. So excited for you, and would love to send a square, if you want to pass on the contact info…

    My daughter, at age 3, is just moving from size 3 into size 4 diapers. Of course she’s not a GOOD eater. But wow.

  8. I’m a lurker, a mom of 4 and a quilter (, I’m also an orphan (no one wanted to adopt a 10 year-old 30+ years ago). I love what you’re doing — every child deserves a good family! I’m not a lesbian, but I hope you won’t hold that against me! I’d be more than happy to help put the quilt together! I’ll set up a page where your friends and readers can get the specs for the material, sizes, etc. as well as an address to send everything to — then I’ll sew it all together and get it quilted! NOT sure we can get it all done before the baby comes home, but within a month is very possible. Feel free to email if you’d like my assistance – info (at)

  9. thank you all!

    OK – um, yeah. I kind of forgot some of that important stuff like you know, WHERE. I don’t think something addressed to Shelli and Narda in New York would work with the USPS! 🙂

    You can e-mail me at saderman at gmail dot com, and I’ll reply with my address for y’all.

    And WOW – THANK YOU tammom! I’ve sent you an e-mail, that’s so kind and generous!

  10. oh my god! i go offline for a few days and look what happens! i’m so happy for you!

    i’m going to go cry happy, hallmarky tears now.

  11. Shelli, I just sent you an email. When you get your wish list set up I’d love to send you something, and I’ll also contribute to the quilt.
    Congratulations again!

  12. shelli-

    somehow I have signed up for Enfamil’s new mom program.

    I already freecycled the milk based protein, but I will happily send you guys my coupons once they arrive in the mail. i’ll email you to get the address…

    and you and Narda should definitely sign up for the program. I think you both can sign up separately, which will mean lots and lots of coupons, a diaper bag and some samples.

  13. I totally want to send a square, so I’ll have to see if I can have my g-ma show me how! LOL She’s done many!

    Cant wait to see the wish list!

  14. sounds like she’s a big one! rightonboy was already 12 pounds by 1 month and 15 by 2 months, so sign up for some massages now, cuz your backs are going to be KILLING you!

    the good news is that you’ll get to squeeze the chubby pulkes!!! nothing more heavenly….

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