the crib set we bought…

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the crib set we bought…, originally uploaded by shellipsm.

So we actually BOUGHT things today. At a baby store. After three years, we have finally given ourselves permission to go IN one. And I know that many of you have asked for a wish list.

But we really don’t need much! We bought a crib, crib set, dresser, changing pad, appropriate linens, a few articles of clothing (OH MY GOSH, THERE’S JUST WAAAAAAY TOO MUCH CUTE STUFF OUT THERE!) (We find ourselves leaning towards greens and blues and yellows); we also bought a car seat, a car seat holder, and we have a McClaren Techno XT and a back pack in our basement storage unit already, as was given to us by a friend about a year ago.

We have ordered diapers, Narda’s best friend is sending all things needed to wash and clean a baby, creams and ointments and such, and we could basically use some of your used clothes – or go to a local thrift store and find something cute and retro!

I’m sure there’s a lot we’ll find we’ll need, but there’s also a lot of crap we won’t need.
So go and raid those attics, and have fun doing so.

13 thoughts on “the crib set we bought…

  1. soooo cute. I also have a very strong dislike for the color pink, so this is just the kind of thing I would buy. Isn’t it amazing how much cute stuff is out there???

  2. So cute…I’m still so excited for you and can just imagine the smiles on your faces when you walked into the baby store, knowing you were ACTUALLY GOING TO BUY SOMETHING(S) for YOUR DAUGHTER!!!!! This is so great…….

  3. I am so happy for both of you. I have been following your story since your fertility friends days.

    Oh, I love the stuff you purchased. I am sure your daughter will love it too:)

  4. Don’t you worry, my niece will be getting LOTS of beautiful things from her Auntie and Uncle!!! I can’t wait to spoil her rotten!

    PS-LOVE the crib set-it’s wonderful.

  5. Adorable. So looking forward to meeting her. Hope you guys have a great trip and ooooooooohhhhh when it’s over… she’s gonna be in your arms.

    *big huge grin*

    Congrats Mommies!

  6. I found your site through Flickr. 🙂 I love your icon- why do cats feel the need to drink out of the toilet and leave pawprints everywhere!

    Oh and I really love hydrangeas too.

  7. The crib set is adorable! Yea for getting the stuff you need! I love it when people get stuff for us, but it is SO FUN to shop for your own baby too.

  8. I have some cute shoes to send your way. My DD had too chubby of feet and whether they’ll fit your DD or not I’m not sure but they are cute. E-mail me your name and address and I’ll try to send it out in the next week or two.
    I was the one that was gonna send you all the baby clothes but your adoption didn’t go through and I got rid of the items. Ug. Anyway, if you want them let me know. I love the crib set by the way! It’s very cute.

  9. Wow! Congratulations Guys! have been lurking on this blog for some time. I feel I have to say out loud “congrats congrats congrats!”

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