Sunny Days…

Sweepin the Clouds Away
Friendly neighbors,
Where the air is sweet
Can you tell me how to get
How to get to

Malka has discovered Grover, and there’s no going back.

That and the Count make her giggle with such glee, my ovaries burst wide open, wanting more.

But of course, it’s all balanced by she who screams at 3am, where my ovaries are closing shop. “They” all tell me that babies go through phases – good, bad and ugly. All in all, Malka is a GREAT kid. But she’s experimenting with the notion of NOT sleeping at night for more than 3 hours at a time.


I hope this passes SOON.

Being a SAHM (that’s stay at home mom for those of you that don’t spend WAY too much time in mommie chat rooms…) is HARD work! It’s kind of fun, as there’s no deadlines, and the boss is REALLY cute! And an EXCELLENT communicator. I’m still trying to get some good video of her dookie face for later blackmailing – because it’s REALLY funny – she scrunches up her face and bears down, turns red and then releases the face and repeats the process – it’s priceless. And it will be worth SO much later in life – muhahahaha.

OK – Elmos’ world is almost over, and I have to prep her highness and I to make a field trip downtown to enjoy the new Trader Joe’s, as we all tried it on the weekend, and THAT was a grevious error. Let’s hope today is easier.

8 thoughts on “Sunny Days…

  1. I love Sesame!!! I miss that!! By the way…I could have told you staying at home was harder than going to work. Crap, you don’t even get an OSHA break at home! And…you pretty much work 24/7 and there are no sick days. (Feeling better now???) But….it is WELLLL worth it!!! You will see as she gets bigger!! I don’t sleep much as night right now…I can do the 3 a.m. “meetings”. Hang in there!! This is the easy age…just wait until she is 16!!

  2. um, yeah. hardest job in the world (SAHM).

    We just got ours sleeping thru the night AT 18 MONTHS. Whatever you do don’t wait that long!! We should have cried it out a year ago, 2 nights and he is sleeping through all night, every night.

    Those sleepless nights are so hard! But they do end at some point. Good luck.

  3. Getting the perfect shot of the dookie face is hard–I’ve tried. That’s enough to spend the entire day on. Jeez. And people don’t get that this is a full time job 🙂

  4. My daughter LOVES Sesame Street! You should also introduce Malka to some of the shows on the Disney Channel, like the Wiggles and the Doodlebops. Kids love music and lots of colors at that age.

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