The good, the bad and the UGLY…

So Malka now weighs 18.4 pounds, (erp) and can SIT UP. Like a big girl. Better than the Yoga pose that she was doing before – otherwise known as doing the splits and plopping one’s hands in between the legs. This is genuine, bonefied sitting up. Now granted, it’s just for a few moments, but the nurses, and even the doctor was impressed. She is So much better at tummy time, too. She basically just hangs out on her forearms, head up, for fear of missing anything in this big, wide world. She’s AWFULLY cute, we must admit!

She has another finger infection – but it’s in her toe. Her nail was randomly peeling of, and she’s been kicking WAY more than normal, and yesterdya, I noticed the tell-tale blister. Ugh. So back to the doctor we go. Our doctor was out this week, so we saw the one she saw when she had the infected finger. I jokingly said I’m glad to see you, but if seeing you means an infection, I hope this is the last time! He then said he was an infection SPECIALIST! Woo Hoo! I felt MUCh better. He ran a CBC on her, and I started FREAKING OUT, thinking horiffic, terrible diseases, but it came back PERFECT. Her white blood cells are elevated, but still within normal, and since, you know, she has an INFECTION, of course her WBC is up. He was concerned with a LOW WBC, and ALL other ranges were within normal. I can try and scan it in, if anyone’s a medical type out there and wants to explain the things other than Hematocrit, Hemoglobin, WBR and RBC – those are the numbers I KNOW, and care about, but there were some other numbers there, too. So now she’s on Antibiotics AGAIN. Having JUST come off of them in Early March. He did say that she doesn’t need to do the full course this time, and that as soon as it’s healed, we can stop the next day.

I feel better about that, and I feel better about the antibiotics, not great, mind you, but I want my baby girl to get better. She is SERIOUSLY NOT affected by the toe as much as her Eemah is, and she totally had her charm on for all of the nurses and the doctor – she’s just so SCRUMPTIOUS in the morning – the BEST time to do anything with her. Catch her tired or hungry, however, and LOOK OUT! Cranky McCrankers knows NO consolation. Except food, of course. Speaking of food, he wants us to keep her down to 32 ounces per day, and if she’s REALLY hungry to start adding cereal to her daily routine. Since she’s a little bit constipated right now, he said Barley, and not rice cereal. Since she’s so big, and can sit up, and will be four months soon enough, he’s all for letting her start a bit of cereal. And since it’s filling, but not as caloric, I’m all for it, too.

Picture of the toe. I have to upload it, but she’s about to wake up form her nap, and her Doda (Aunt) Amy just landed from London, I may not get to post until later this weekend. But it’s UGLY alright.

When does the anxiety about your baby’s health cease? Never, I guess. I just hope I can survive the more serious situations, or I’ll be a wreck.

6 thoughts on “The good, the bad and the UGLY…

  1. Hope Malka’s toe is feeling better soon. It might be worth looking at some probiotics for her to help rebalance her gut as she’s having 2 courses of antibiotics close together.

  2. poor little Malka! Hope the toe is on it’s way to healing.

  3. You will never get over being concerned about your child. Trust me. But…being concerned means you are a good mom. Bad moms don’t give a crap. My kids started eating cereal at 2 weeks and babyfood at 4 per my doctor. They all seem to being doing great. As far as the blood tests…I do come from a medical background and will tell you never to read into anything until they give you a final word or diagnosis. If you do get upset every time the doctor is “concerned” you will be a nervous wreck. If I had a dollar for every time my doctor was “concerned” I would be a rich woman! You’re doing a great job! Keep up the good work!

  4. Heck, even Charlie doesn’t know what horrible things he has dealth with. Malka doesn’t have a clue, don’t worry.
    But you will worry. Forever. And the first day that you DON’T worry, you’ll worry if that means you’ve become a bad mother, and that will make you worry more.
    Basically, that’s what parenting is all about. Worrying.

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