Well, baby!

So Malka had her 4 month well baby visit yesterday. Actually, she’ll be 19 weeks on Saturday, or 4 and one half months – I guess since I don’t walk around saying that I am 432 weeks old, that after 12 weeks, you just kind of go by the “month” thing…

Anyhoo – Our “VERY healthy” baby (koff koff) is 25 inches, and 20 pounds! Head circ. is 42.5 centimeter = 16.732 283 465 inch, and her doctor thinks she’s doing great! She was WONDERFUL about reassuring us about all of the things that floated through my head at night, keeping me up – ie: her poop is FINE, her skin has a little exzema, but it’s not too bad, and it’s not too serious, she’s eating enough, gaining appropriately, and is in great health.

PHEW. I worry too much as it is, so it’s great to have reassurances.

9 thoughts on “Well, baby!

  1. Sounds like Malka is doing great!! You have every right to be nervous! You have a perfect little baby! It is hard to relax when you have a little one depending on you. You are doing a GREAT job!

  2. Hey Shell, as another white mom of a Black baby, I’ve found doctors tend to be dismissive of our kids’ eczema, but I suggest you get to the bottom of it. My daughter’s skin cleared up when she went to a non-lactose-based formula. Don’t worry, but you don’t have to accept that your baby’s skin looks ashy. And mazel tov on a great checkup!

  3. Yay Malka!
    I have no idea what average is for a baby anymore. Our little bundle is 8.5 months (adjusted age – for prematurity) and she’s about 28″ and 15.5 lbs. But she doesn’t eat nearly as much as Malka. I wish she did. The Jewish mother in me rears it’s ugly head daily – and my mother didn’t even push me to eat!

  4. She sounds so awesome and happy and healthy. She’s caught up in weight almost to 13 month old Remy – but he’s a skinny little fella and is the same as fostermother’s bundle: Less cool about eating.

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