It’s still nice to hear…

So Malka and I went over to my job yesterday, for a bit of show and tell, (and to help my temp fix my computer…) and to be in the neighborhood of Trader Joe’s. (Insert BIG grin here)! Malka was a charming superstar, of course, and everyone was smitten. She was kind of tired of being Eemah’s little show and tell object after about an hour or so, however, and promptly let me know about it. So we retreated to my office for a bottle and stroller placement, where she promptly got her “mellow” on.

But the REALLY great thing that happened? We were walking down the hall to go to the bathrooms for a diper change, and passed by a classroom where the first years were having their year end wrap-up meeting with the Chair. One of the students caught sight of Malka and I, and waved us in. Once a few students saw, more waved us in. I thought it would be a quick-Simba-sytle-moment, but even the Chair was asking questions, and everyone was interested in Malka. If THAT wasn’t enough, as we were leaving the room, I said “Miss you guys!” And they ALL chimed in “miss you too,” “You have NO idea how much,” etc. All infering (private note for Estelle there on my word usage…) that I am faboo, and my temp, well, not so much.

It may be small, and slightly petty, but it felt good. Really good.

On a side note, Malka had a small fever last night, and a bit of extra fussiness at night due to her shots on Tuesday, but she woke up all giggles and grins and normal temps this am. For once, I was the calm one about her fever, and Narda was the freaked out one. She called the doctor, who reassured us (her) that she was fine, but it was a nice switch. Maybe I’m starting to get the hang of this motherhood thing afterall…

6 thoughts on “It’s still nice to hear…

  1. See…you will grow accustomed to having disasters with illnesses, cut, scraps, etc. Congrats! You will always have major milestones like that…especially when they can drive, go on a date, etc. At first you can’t breathe, but then you kind of….kind of…get used to it. Good Job!!!

    Trader Joes…YUMMMM!!!

  2. I am soooo glad that you got such a good reception at work. It is always nice to know that you are missed and clearly irreplaceable.

    now they just need to, ahem, shower you with that notion properly.

  3. It’s so nice to know that they don’t forget ya, and were so excited to see Malka 🙂 I agree with Cali as well though!
    Sorry that Malka had a slight fever. Sending kisses from ME & I.

  4. Awww Shelli, that is so nice that they all missed you and were excited to see Malka. Sorry to hear Malka was not feeling so well. Hope she is doing better by now.

  5. Exactly agree with those above – if they won’t shower you could always go down the I am so completely fabulous how about a pay rise on my return path!

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