In praise of…

The “City” button on the white noise machine – after Malka falls asleep in her stroller, I can wheel her into the bedroom, crank up the volume on the white noise machine, and she’s STILL sleeping. (she usually wakes up about 5 minutes after we get home)

5 thoughts on “In praise of…

  1. “Sounds” like heaven!

    You could probably also make a CD of the same sound. Just to keep on hand.

  2. It plays city sounds – when we take walks in the stroller here in NYC, there are all kinds of sounds – so playing the city sounds on the white noise machine (in theory of course, but it seemed to work today) perpetuates the “outside experience” which seemed to help continue the illusion of being outside, which she LOVES.

  3. Thats pretty brilliant.

    Maybe we will get a white noise machine sometime instead of just using a small fan.

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