What goes around….

Tuesday night I went to bed feeling a little “funny.”

I woke up at 3am with all of the obvious signs of the flu, or food poisoning, or a stomach virus, or what you will. I spent the next day, one which I was supposed to go to work for a big faculty retreat, in bed, while (thankfully), the sitter was here with Malka. I could not be vertical for more than 20 minutes. It was horrid. Gatorade was my friend. That was all I had for 2 days. Just last night, Thursday night, I got my appetite back, but I’m still sticking to the bland diet, and pushing the Gatorade a bit, for good measure.

We thought I would be the only victim of the (as diagnosed by the on-call nurse at my doctor’s office) stomach virus, but today, Malka wouldn’t finish her morning formula. OH OH. Red flag, erp. After she flat out refused her later bottle, I called the doctor, who suggested Pedialyte, clear fluids, rest and lay off the formula for a bit until she felt better. If she got a fever, we were to give her tylenol. She went down for her nap at 11:45 after an ounce of Pedilyte, and slept SO well, for 2 and one half hours. At the cooing and babble that called me from the monitor, I waltzed into her room, where I was stopped IN MY TRACKS by the most toxic smell of baby dookie I’ve ever experienced. I had Narda on the phone, and all I could say was WOAH, and start giggling, and I’ll have to call you back. Malka seemed mildly annoyed by the inconvience of the blow out, but she was still giving me giggles and grins. Let me tell you, I have been OFFICIALLY inducted into motherhood, as all moms who clean up a diarrheal blow-out are. I mean it was literally EVERYWHERE. I went through almost an entire package of wipes. (I would have plopped her in the bath, but at 21 pounds, and not quite sitting up solo yet, baths are a two person job).

She’s been feeling pretty groovey since, we went out for a walk, she’s had about 8 ounces of Pedialyte, she’s responsive and giggly and grins and chats with us, but WOAH, was that some serious dookie action! She hasn’t had formula since about 11am, but she’s not puking, and there’s no fever. We’re nervous to re-introduce formula, but we know she needs it. We might do a watered down version before bed in an hour.

Our poor baby!

I just hope Narda is spared the nasty stomach virus!

3 thoughts on “What goes around….

  1. Oh no!!! That must have been horrible!

    I’m glad that Malka seemed to get over it quickly though (sans the Poopie Diaper from Hell)-hopefully Narda won’t get it and you’re home free….

    Happy Mother’s Day to you both tomorrow, and give Malka a smooch for me!

  2. Oh, no. That virus has been doing the rounds at my school, and in the 7th grade, it is not only acceptable but popular to describe one’s stomach virus experiences using many, many colors and other adjectives. So I know ALL about what it can do.
    Feel better, and (Narda) stay better…

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