I pick YOU!

Inspired by the guest blogger at An Accident of Hope, I feel compelled to share that YES. I pick my nose. (gasp, shock, horror). I even go after rogue wedgies. All of this IN PUBLIC. Much to Narda’s shagrin, mind you.

I also tend to feel that, “Hey, we ALL do it.” And I”m OK with public “finger nail” versions of nose picking, but I put my foot down at full finger insertion.

How about you?

(PS – there are still a few interview spots left – so be sure to sign up before the blue light special ends!)

4 thoughts on “I pick YOU!

  1. Ask me! If there’s room left anyway. LOL

    I have no comment on the nose picking dilemma though. =o)

  2. Alrighty, I’ll bite.

    Since I started this thing off, I never really did it myself.

    Oh and um, the boogers? Yeah.

    Pili calls it panning for gold.

    Please don’t mention that in my interview questions though.

  3. I’m neurotic and carry tissues around for any nasal issues. I am of the never pick your nose school without a tissue… yep I’m THAT neurotic about it.

    Even at home.

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