Off to the allergist…..

So we brought Malka in to the doctor’s today, to talk about her eczema, which seems to be getting worse.

He looked at her, and confimred the ezcema, but wants us to go see an allergist before we start her on solids, and before we go to a dermatologist. He was glad to hear that she’s not bothered by it. She only itches her eyes, but we think that’s because we don’t really want to put the aquaphor too near her eyes.

When he said allergist, my heart started racing. What if she’s allergic to the cats? He said even if she is, it’s (the dander and hair) all over the place, so getting rid of them wouldn’t solve the problem. Small relief. (but I’m still nervous about it)

She’s still (bless her heart) a totally happy baby, and she’s not really bothered by the eczema. (Baruch HaShem).

So we’re calling the allergists on Tuesday, and setting up appointments.

And we have a date to see her birth mom on June 5th. We’re looking forward to it, but I hope we have some answers before then.

And that my anxiety lessens before then, too.

3 thoughts on “Off to the allergist…..

  1. Good luck with the allergist. Just wondering if you could post sometime about what it’s like to have an open adoption, how it feels when you visit with the BM and so on. Interested as DS has a known donor, and we meet with him occasionally. Surprisingly I don’t feel at all threatened or anythign like that, I quite like him and think it’s great for DS to know him.

  2. Awww glad to hear that Malka is still happy and not bothered by the eczema at least. I hope you will be able to get some answers from the birth mom and the allergists.

  3. Hi this is Lissa, delurking finally…I love your post and your cute little baby!
    My little boy has a dairy allergy- he’s not lactose intolerant- he’s allergic to casein, the protein in dairy products. This allergy did not present itself in the form of excema for him-but I know it does in many kids. You might bring it up with the Doc- its not uncommon in babies-and pretty easy to maintain. Maybe that’s all it is.
    Hope it goes well!
    Have a wonderful day!

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