The cats can stay!

Malka’s vist to the allergist this am showed that she is NOT allergic to ANYTHING! Now granted, the allergist said that skin tests can be false. We need to bring her back in 6 months to follow up with blood tests, but for now, the kitties can stay! (I’m crying with relief!)

We were also told to NOT introduce the “normal eczema triggers” when we start solids – which is FINE with me – so NO wheat, eggs, fish, eggs, nuts, tomatoes, etc. (yes, I just spelled it with an E – I’m a bit of an Anglo-phile, so sue me…)

Our next stop is a baby dermatologist, and we’ll take it from there.

Thanks for all of the positive thoughts, I was a nervous wreck with thoughts of horrible things happening to our furry brood.

Now that I can focus again, and have stopped (oh so slightly) wigging out, I can focus on other tasks – formerly – the interview questions – I will try to get to them over the weekend, and have something posted by Monday.

In the meantime – please send some love to Mamma Mo – her father in law passed away last night…

And go share some love with Persephone. Her twin BOYS arrived yesterday!

And I’m very excited as Narda and I have a date for Saturday night, to help eclebrate our 6 year anniversary, which is tomorrow…

9 thoughts on “The cats can stay!

  1. We were told when Kevin was little that allergy tests arent really reliable until the child is at least 3…of course, that was several years ago…so they may have improved.

    Glad Kitties are safe at home!

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