It was HUGE!

So Narda, Malka and I had a great meeting with Malka’s birth mother today, and I’ll write more about that later…

But we came home, and as I’m un-hooking Malka from the stroller, Narda screams from the bedroom, “great, there’s feces on our bedroom floor.” I go in to investigate, as the chief litter box scooper, I’m familiar with each cat’s er, um, “product.” So I go into the bedroom, and I say “WOAH.” That’s NOT a dookie, THAT’S THE BIGGEST HAIRBALL THIS SIDE OF THE MISSISSIPPI!”

It was HUGE, people.

And I basically said, “OK, whichever cat looks the MOST relieved, it’s theirs!”

I have thus concluded it was Cougie’s. Since I had given him petromalt the other day, and he was looking a little ill, and now he looks JUST.FINE…

I was tempted to take a picture, but decided against it. Let’s just say, Narda had gotten it confused with cat dookies – and Cougie’s are unusually LARGE…

So um, yeah. BIG hair ball at our house today. But happy cats.

And again, I promise to write more about the meeting, but I need to stop procrastinating loading the dishwasher by watching the Apprentice…

6 thoughts on “It was HUGE!

  1. I’m just laughing at the fact that the story of the enourmous hairball and the happy cats trumped the story of meeting w/Malka’s birth mother! Wow, that must have been something (wish you’d taken a pic…)

  2. I kinda was expecting a pic. It sounds like my household…there is either a hairball or dog barf. I just had to giggle about the whole thing.

  3. I was expecting a picture as well. It sounds like it could have made it in the record books:)

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