Questions, everyone has questions!

At long last – the interview questions – SORRY it took so dang long, folks – there’s a lot going on at the house of Hydrangeas. Good, fun, hard and tough times, but all so good in the end.

I owe updates on the awesome meeting with “birth mama V” and about all of this work I have to do on myself, and my resignation that the only way for me to lose this weight is to go back to OA, which I’ll do on Tuesday – I’m excited and scared. It was MUCH MUCH easier to lose the weight at 28 years old and while smoking, but now, here I am at the tail end of my next Saturn return at 35 years old, and the weight is the fulcrum of so much that is going on in my life. So back to basics I go…

So um yeah, I have to blog about all of that.

But for now, the interviews:

Just remember to include this at the end:

If you want to play too, leave me a comment saying “interview me.” The first five commenters will be the participants.

* I will respond by asking you five questions.
* You will update your blog/site with the answers to the questions.
* You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
* When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

First is for:

1) What is it like being a Military wife?
2) Core, or Points?
3) Who is the music behind your blog?
4) How is the job going?
5) Your poetry is beautiful. What inspires you?

Next up is Kerryn

1) When did you start sewing, and what is the coolest thing you’ve made? (besides the ADORABLE outfit for Malka, of course!)
2) How was your endo originally diagnosed?
3) Where do things stand currently with DP, DS and the new housing situation?
4) If you could create a dream job scenario, what would it be?
5) Which way does the water in your toilet bowl spin?

Next up is:Rhi

1) Are you from Portland, or a transplant? (and if FROM – what high school did you go to?)
2) What was the coolest toy at the Toy Hall of Fame in Rochester?
3) How was your NYC Trip? And why didn’t you call me!
4) What’s the best and worst part about being an auntie?
5) If YOU could be on a Reality TV show, which one would it be, and why?

And then we have: Artificially Sweetened

1) What is the hardest thing about living with diabetes?
2) Have you two “picked” which gender you prefer? Can you just say “the youngest one you’ve got?”
3) Can you share your thesis with us in 25 words or less?
4) Could you start a recipe blog, please? Your food pictures!
5) As far as the embryos – can you do a “natural transfer” cycle – just stick um in, and add progesterone, and call it a day. ALL the while you are focuing on adoption? (We did 3 or 4 more cycles all up until our homestudy was complete…)

Last but not least: When do I get teh Toaster

1) Besides tea, what other things would be nice to “magically appear” for you?
2) What is the best and worst thing about being a soccer “mum?”
3) Now that KD has said he can no longer go through with it, what is your next step – will you go with a new KD, or with frozen?
4) Would you care to talk more about the pink elephant – aka – the tumor and the meds?
5) Describe your fantasy wedding with Gaye.

OK folks – just let me know when you’ve answered, so that I can go back and read what you wrote!

And in exciting Malka news – she started solids this week, and so far LOVES her cereal. We have figured out that cereal is fun ONLY after a bottle – otherwise, she’s just too hungry to enjoy the process. But she’s starting that whole open mouth and swallow thing – wow. I have some fun pictures. She’s also doing prune juice shots to counter balance the cereal, as she was generally constipated before, and NOW, well, poor thing. She’s getting better at drinking it, and it helps. A lot.

But there’s something to be said for a gummy grin full of cereal. We’ll just have to teach her a wee later on that it’s not nice to laugh with a mouth ful of food. For now, we’ll just enjoy the cuteness.

9 thoughts on “Questions, everyone has questions!

  1. Hey Shelli – thanks for the questions. We have answered them on our site – how exciting for new bloggers like us!

    Take good care

  2. Shelli,

    Great job on going back to OA! Please post on what you think of it. I’ve been considering going myself, but have never been.

    Thanks for the questions! I’ve answered them on my site. =o)

  3. Hi Shelli

    Thanks for commenting on the blog. Just wanted to say that in regards to your comment on clinics and sperm

    … Sometimes it is the clinics – and in some states there are laws about single women and lesbians not being able to use the clinics.

    But in my lovely state that is not so… what is so, however, is that the children are able to track down the bloke who provided the sperm after they turn 18 if they wish. Therefore blokes are able to indicate their permission for single women and/or lesbians to get the sperm!

  4. Yay Malka! Good for you going back to OA. I’m also a member and have 2 years of back-to-back abstinence. It seriously has been the only thing that has ever worked for me, but I know how hard it is to walk in those doors.

  5. whoops, that looked like I was congratulating Malka on going to OA. I meant congrats to Malka for first solids, hehe!!

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