So at this morning’s dermatological appointment for the lovely Malka (who had a FANTABULOUS time with Jen, Cait and Natalie, and also got to meet the ever lovely MsBri – will write more on those fun meetings later) they decided to do a skin biopsy on her back, as they DIDN’T KNOW WHAT WAS WRONG WITH MY CHILD’S SKIN. The big, clinical professor and his gaggle of interns with horrid bedside manners didn’t know what was wrong with my baby, so they wanted to do a skin biopsy. With her propensity for infection, we were nervous, so we called her Ped., and they said to go ahead with it. So we did.

I was sitting in the room, and Narda was holding Malka. As soon as they touched her back with bacitracin, she started crying. So I left the room. She started screaming, and I started crying, too. I walked far down the hall, and I could still hear my baby cry. There is truly NO worse sound in the entire universe than hearing your baby cry in pain.

We’ll know in about a week what’s wrong with her.

I did a bit of research, and I *think* it’s Pityriasis Rosea, but I’m obviously not a doctor, and I don’t know for certian, but I like this one a lot, so I’ll hang onto that until we are told otherwise.

9 thoughts on “Biopsy…

  1. Awwe! Poor baby, poor mommies, I hope you get the results sooner than later, I know waiting has to be a biatch.
    Good Luck

  2. My MIL’s dermatologist biopsied a suspicious-looking spot on the back of her head.

    It was eczema.

    And a few years ago I had a lump from an infected bug bite on my belly. They cut it out, and then sent it out – yep, it was an infected bug bite.

    So please don’t worry – they’ll biopsy anything!

  3. Both I and my husband have had this rash (christmas tree rash)at different times and other than looking awful, it had no effect whatsoever. Our doctors simply told us to wait until it goes away which it did. A skin biopsy sounds extreme but I’m sure they want to give you a definite answer, not simply “I THINK it is ‘X’ and will probably go away on it’s own”

  4. Oy. That sucks. I got Pitriasis Rosea a week before my wedding! Hmmm…and I was living in NYC at the time too. What, is NYC the Pityriasis Rosea capital of the world or something? (I suspect subway poles…has Malka been holding on to any subway poles recently?)

    It spread to my face and I got really upset because did I mention it was a week before my wedding? My dad got rid of mine with prednisone…but I would not suggest that for a baby. I hope that’s what it is because it just looks ugly and then goes away….but it generally hits twentysomething year old women, from what I read.

  5. I’m sorry Shelli.. if I could have held your hand I would have.I know what your saying, I cant lsiten to Ray crying without it ripping my heart out. Poor Malka baby… hopefully they will find that the biopsy reveals nothing serious at all and it can be cleared up easily & quickly. Lots of hugs for you all

  6. So Sorry to hear all of this Shelli. I know how hard it is to deal with anything medical with your child. For us it’s Andy leaving the room and me toughing it out in there. But it still sucks watching ME get upset, even if I can’t hear the cry- I still see it and I know what you mean.

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