Movin’ on up…

I’ve finally joined the “masses,” and procured one of these:

I’m terribly excited, as it can hold video AND pictures – That means Malka on the move! They also tell me that I can make “playlists” and therefore have a set of songs to work out to, a set of songs for Malka, a set of songs to drink wine to, etc. I will now become one of those people you see on the subway with white headphones. Except that instead of being blasted by today’s top 40 hits, I’ll be blasting my neighbor with show tunes! Muhahahahahaha!

I’ll probably need to get a set of ipod speakers. Hopefully the .99 cent store has some, as any reserves I had were just spent on the ipod itself. heh.

Next on my “things I MUST have” list – a new camera (I love my little digital elph, but its lens cap is broken, and a few things are way outdated on it, sadly). I’m leaning towards a digital SLR, and am open to ideas. The Nikon D-50 sounds dreamy, but yikes on the price tag!

Feel free to share your camera brand, style, price and recommendations below.


11 thoughts on “Movin’ on up…

  1. Lurker here from FF…just wanted to recommend the Canon Powershot A series Camera. I have an older A40 and the numbers are WAY higher now, but I LOVE my camera. It also takes video with sound. You can get a good model for $200-$250.

  2. OMG I am SO jealous!! I’ve been saying for months that I need to get one, especially for school, since I can load all of my listening examples for my classes onto it and bring the speakers-it sure beats lugging CD’s between two schools…..

    Happy listening! Which show tunes will you have one it? I predict “That’s Your Funeral”, for one…… 🙂

  3. Kristin has a D50. It’s worth EVERY PENNY. Such an amazing camera.

    I have a CoolPix P2 and I love it. It’s not as fancy-dancy as the D50, but it has more features than I’ll ever need.

  4. We must both be moving on up as I bought my first ipod today also. The premise being to listen to my anjoi cd that I will upload. ha ha – now to figure the whole thing out. good luck.

  5. The canon powershot series are workhorses! However, I have a older version, the A40 and my main complaint is I can only take about 15 second videos with it.

    Grats on the i-pod, the are awesome. But, get yourself a different set of headphones, those little white ones that you put in your ear hurt after a while. At least they do me.

  6. I give props to the Nikon D 70S. My sweetie has one and I LOVE using it! I know the pricetag was high though!

  7. Canon Powershot A520 here, and yes, it’s wonderful. And a Consumer Reports Best Buy at $200-ish. Congrats on the ipod!

  8. I love my d70, but you didn’t want to hear that, did you?

    Pili has a Panasonic Lumix, which takes pix and video (though not an SLR) and seems pretty good to me. has lots of digital camera reviews.

    p.s. I answered your questions!

  9. I really like my nikon coolpix 5700.

    I got it used for about $350 which was over 300 dollars off new price – and the camera was less than a year old.

    If you go to a reputable camera store that does a return program, you can find some pretty sweet deals from customers who have traded in their cameras, usually so they can upgrade.

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