Toothus Eruptus…

So this morning, Miss thing woke up crying at 4:30 am. That’s We let her fuss for a bit, and Narda said, you know, she might be teething. So up we go, diaper change, snuggling and a bit of tylenol. Back into crib. More crying. In we go, bring her into bed with us, and I put my finger in her mouth, and WOAH! There’s a sharp thing in there! On the bottom of her gums!

It’s a tooth folks, Malka has officially broken through with her first tooth. Now the poor bugger has to wiggle and worm its way up, but it’s on the move, and it’s SHARP! That would hurt me, too if it was trying to come out of my gums, no wonder the poor thing was uncomfortable and woke up early. The tylenol helped, and she slept snuggled with us for about an hour more, and woke up happy as a clam.

I spent the next hour before leaving for work trying to get a picture of said toothus eruptus, and I did manage to get a slightly blurry shot of it. It’s the white bump on the left side of her mouth, not the glistening white blob in the middle. It looks small, but it’s SHARP!

She’ll be asking for keys to the car next week.


11 thoughts on “Toothus Eruptus…

  1. Congrats on your first tooth, Malka!! I’ve found that Hylands Teething Tablets work great for the triplets in between Tylenol. Good Luck!!
    Dana (from FF)

  2. I’ve also heard great things about the teething tablets but if she is taking any other medications – please check w/your ped first. We couldn’t use them because Dylan’s on phenobarb.

    Also, if you get parm cheese w/ a natural rind (must have a natural rind – it’s usually the more expensive one), you can give the rind to her to teeth on – apparently the enzymes in the cheese have a soothing quality.

  3. Yeah! A tooth! Another milestone moment. Hope the rest of the teeth come in a bit easier for her.

  4. ROFLMAO…Go Malka!! Chewing on your mommies helps the teething pain. AT least thats what Ray-Ray tells me! (as he num nums his way through all my fingers!)
    Amy R

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