Of Vanicream and Kings….

The skin biopsy result for Malka turned out to be eczema. Baruch Ha’Shem. (thank G-d) I told the doctor that I had made a different diagnosis, and he laughed with me, and said thanks for letting us do the biopsy, and she’s looking GREAT, and we can move beyond the fancy creams and aquaphor, and just use the Vanicream. I HIGHLY recommend vanicream, it’s SUCH great lotion. It’s basically hypoallergenic, and is really nice and viscous and it feels great on ME after I’ve slathered her with the stuff. It’s a bit more expensive than Vaseline Intensive Care, but not by much, and it’s way worth it, since you don’t have to apply it as often. So we are all really thrilled for Malka here, and he also said that the hyper pigmentation of her face is looking better, and will fade in time as well.

When Narda and I first started dating, she had a twin bed. We believed then that our love would be sufficient for a twin bed. Within a few months, we realized that our tushies weren’t compatable with a twin, and we bought a full sized mattress. After all, that first year is all about spooning on a daily basis – all we needed was a full sized mattress. And I had a full sized futon at my place, so we were used to that.

When we bought our apartment in 2002, we decided to be luxurious and “upgrade” to a Queen. We have loved our bed for the past 4 years, and things have been swell – Cougar feels a bit squished as he tries to snuggle, but hey, he’s a cat and not at the top of the priority list in terms of comfort on the bed. Even Malka has done fine when in the bed with us.

We have, however, had the experience of sleeping on a King at hotels, and have often fantasized about it.

Our fantasy is becoming a reality. On Thursday morning, a firmer (we are older now, afterall) KING sized mattress will be delivered to our house. That’s in TWO days! Now we can still have our spoon moments, but the cats, and Malka, and the need to get a bit more sleep (and thus be more alert for Malka) by having some personal space is soon to be a reality.

I’m totally psyched.

13 thoughts on “Of Vanicream and Kings….

  1. We bought a king when shopping for a twin guest bed… it was a steal. We are SOOO spoiled now! It’s amazing the difference those inches make!!

    Enjoy! πŸ™‚

  2. Glad to hear that Malka’s diagnosis was just eczema. Wooo hoo on the king size bed!! I am so jealous! Enjoy!

  3. We have a queen…and I love to go to a King. I cant even imagine being on a twin…our tushies would fall off either side immediately! πŸ˜‰

    yay for just eczema!

  4. Yes, we too have learned the love of the king. I like to say, “Once you go king, you can never go back.” How very true – overnighting at friends’ or parents’ house is always so difficult because really, who has a king as a guest bed? Congrats on the upgrade!

  5. We are getting a king with a new house – Gaye is completely obsessed about it. She walks into the main bedrooms of each house we look at and paces across the floor to check out if a king will fit. Thomas still comes in for a snuggle in the mornings (and if he is freaked out by nightmares) and more room is called for! Bring on the king

  6. Ahh! So jealous. We just bought a bed for our new house and Zane wouldn’t go for the king. He says it’s not condusive to cuddling. I won’t mention that you guys had a twin for a while – he’d love that!

  7. Vanicream also makes the best.sunblock.ever. Only the waterproof/sport SPF 35 though; the non-“sport” sweats off too easily.

    I’m hugely allergic to chemical sunblocks — which are 99% of sunblocks, including most hypoallergenic types. Vanicream makes a physical block that doesn’t look like you have weird white goo all over. And my doc said it was safe to use on Noah, although to avoid putting it on his hands to minimize the amount he’ll eat. We skip his toes too.

  8. You guys are just going to LOVE it! We have a king (tempurpedic though) and it’s awesome!!

  9. Happy to hear that it’s ‘just’ eczema, and soon will be feeling up to jumping up and down (well, not too soon…) on her moms’ big king bed.

  10. That’s great news! My sister has eczema and uses Cetaphil. Even the generic brand helps her. It’s in a white bottle with a green label. Fairly common.

  11. Yeeaaaaaaa..its only eczemea!! I’m happy to hear thaty! As for the king size bed…..jealousy! Not that I sleep much onour bed anymore. I still spend 70% of my nights in the nursery on the futon (ray-ray doesnt snore NEARLY as loud as daddy!):)

  12. WOW soooooo jealous on the KING sized mattress. We upgraded to a Queen last year, but if we ever move- I’m going King baby! LOL.

    I’m glad you have figured out things for Malka and found a perfect cream πŸ™‚

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