So this day is FINALLY winding down – we are SOOOOOO pooped! We just got back from the rally to support marriage rights, after a proposal was defeated in the NY Judiciary today (GRRRRR)…

Here’s the thing that was SO draining to deal with:

Not only did Malka Pooka Palka pop another tooth out, which woke her up at 4:30am; but we had to clear all the crap out from under our bed, strip the bed and get ready for the delivery of said new king sized bed between 7 and 11am. I left for work at 8:30am, and got a frantic call at 11ish, saying that Cougar had JUST.PEED.ON.THE.NEW BED.


Malka was sleeping, but Cougar (who is now snuggled on my lap, just in case anyone was worried) was THIS CLOSE to being thrown out of the window. By Narda. So I come home from work, to help deal with the cat, the bed and the baby. Because of Cougar’s “issues,” and “frequent flier miles” with the whole “pishy department,” we have this stuff called Nature’s Miracle. It’s an enzyme thing. So we are using that, and letting it dry out, and re-spraying, and letting it dry out, and re-spraying, and, well, you get the picture. I called the Mattress store, and asked if “cat peeing on the bed 10 minutes after the delivery guys leave” was covered under warranty. Sadly, it’s not. ARGH. So before we totally douse our new bed with vinegar, we’re giving the enzyme thing a whirl, and since there’s a fan on the bed, to help it dry, I’ve yanked the mattress off of the guest bed, and am sleeping on THAT in the living room, while Narda sleeps on the couch. I know that we had succcess with the vinegar dousing on the living room rug, and we just had to endure the house smelling like vinegar for a few days, so we’ll do that if we have to, but UGH!

So much for our first night on our new king bed.


15 thoughts on “Arghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

  1. I just had a very serious talking to with my cat about the rules when we get our new bed. If she could roll her eyes at me, she would have. How dare I think that I’m the boss of her!

  2. We use Nature’s Miracle for pet accidents – heck, we’ve used it for Eliza accidents!

    We’ve had success with it.

    Darn Cougar! 🙂

  3. Shelli–

    We went to K-Mart and bought a allergen reducing cover that zips around our mattress and is waterproof.

    We like it for Bigfella messes, and leaky milk, but the added bonus is that our pishy animals (we have a few acting-outers) don’t freak us out quite so much.

    Some friends of ours were plaintiffs in the NY case. i am so sad to hear the development. though, now we can join them in Canada for a wedding. (their lawyer told them to wait for the resolution…)

  4. We also have a waterproof mattress pad thingy, because we have a temperpedic and cat pee would probably NEVER come out of the memory foam. Ours is super thin and not plastic feeling at all. Nature’s miracle also works well for us.

    So sorry he got to it so quickly.

  5. Oh how I understand the frustration of a cat that pees on the bed and the love that lets you keep him despite that. Our cat, Eddie, used to do that. He was jealous of me when I moved in and boy could he carry a grudge! One time Kristin was gone and he jumped on to my side of the bed and LOOKED AT ME while peeing on the BED! Nature’s Miracle works great. We ended up getting waterproof mattress covers. Yes, plural. Because when we just got one, and he peed and we took the sheets and mattress cover off to wash them and turned around and damned if he hadn’t found more pee inside him to pee on the bed AGAIN! (we took him to the vet to make sure that he didn’t have an infection) We had one that completely encased the mattress and then we found one that was cushy on one side so that we weren’t sleeping right on plastic. We layered them on and then the mattress was always protected.

  6. Oh man, how frustrating! It sounds like you are doing everything you can. Hope you get to try out your new bed soon.

  7. Oh, I so totally feel your pain right now-we spent the entire 4th of July weekend cleaning up the corner of the living room that the Budster decided to make his personal peepee palace. We had to cut the padding out because it was GROSS (Sean replaced it.. We used Nature’s Miracle too, for the first time-as of yet, no pishing (but we also have about 5 bowls of dry food around the area).

    He even peed last week on the bed, while I was in it (literally about six inches from me)…Sean came up to say goodbye to me and Buddy was in the middle of a…uh…bathroom break….

    Hope that you and Narda get to enjoy the bed very very soon-it sounds faboo!

  8. Nature’s Miracle is good stuff (says Maggie). We also have a mattress pad that supposedly is there to protect the mattress from, uh, food stains, but I assure you Co and I were reading the fine print of things it absorbs (and yes, it does). I recommend it…

  9. My vet has us get Odo-Ban, available at Sam’s Club, maybe other places, to get the smell of cat pee out. It really does work, and it doesn’t smell offensive, either.

  10. I was *just* about to suggest Odoban!
    but I am sooo bumming for ya’ll that you didn’t get to have a King Bed party 😦

  11. Gawd! That is completely horrible behaviour from said cat – he is very lucky not to have found himself out the window. Hope you find your way into the bed together soon!

  12. Oy, we should start a support group. We have a plastic sheet on our bed, too, for our cat’s occasional “issues”. We even have a bedspread that we put on the bed when we go away, in case they get “mad”. One time we went away for a week (and had catsitters and everything, we’re not evil!) and 2 minutes after we got home, our cat ran up to our bed and peed on it.
    Welcome home!

    Re: Nature’s Miracle. It works well, but forget the spray bottle. You have to pour that stuff right where he peed and let it soak into the mattress in a similar manner. It only works well if it *touches* all the pee.
    I know it’s been a while since the incident, but if you can still smell it at all, that means the cats can, too, and they’re think it’s a good idea to add to the smell.

    Get the gallon size and use as much as necessary to douse the area again. Let it dry. See what happens. And also get some sort of waterproof barrier.

  13. wetting the bed is a problem which can be easily overcome, even for cats and dogs. follow the link to this article which takes a medical approach to solving bed wetting issues…

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