Teaching pledges…

While Malka is napping, Narda is teaching her little 4 year old nephew some songs, and other stuff while I surf the web for a few minutes… (hey, ya gotta blog while she naps, right?)

Anyway, she starts doing the pledge of allegeance, and forgot it, and asked for my help, so I chimed in with the following:

I pledge allegeance to the flag,
of the United States of America.
And to the Republicans for which it stands,
one nation, under Bush’s G-d,
with liberty and justice for straight white people.

Just wanted to share that one with you all, as it made us giggle, and then get all sad, because of its truth…

11 thoughts on “Teaching pledges…

  1. When I was in school, mine went like this

    “I pledge affection, to the flag, of the divided states of america. And to the republic, for which it once stood, many nations, at war internally, with liberty and justice for some.”

    Narda’s is funnier though. I liked the straight white people.

  2. *insert eye-rolling emoticon here*
    Isn’t Bush-hating so “last week”? Oh no, that’s right…it’s always in vogue. Is that violins I hear playing in the background?

    You know…I almost hope a D gets voted into office next time around…just so the intolerant liberals can see how the country goes to hell in a handbasket under the “I have no agenda but I’m not George Bush” platform.

    I’ll tell you what IS sad…that those who profess to have cornered the market on tolerance and diversity have NONE for conservative Christians. Tolerance is reserved for those who think the way you do.

  3. Exactly what Dee said. Poignant.

    Love the pledge posted in the comments. I really LOVE the one you posted.


  4. …. Before the flag of the United States of America, I freely pledge allegiance to that republic’s Constitution, and to the democracy enshrined within our nation, one with valour, indivisible, and with liberty and justice for all. ….

    you might like my proposed version, which is found in the November 2005 section of my blog . ..

    .he who is known as sefton

  5. I’ve had a rotten day but your ‘pledge’ made me laugh. Especially since I’m a straight white person and I don’t feel the love of liberty and justice, etc.

    Guess I’m on the wrong team anyway…

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