it sucks to be me…

So I have gerd. (gastro esophogeal reflux disorder) and it SUCKS. I take aciphex daily, and sometimes I feel that it’s under control. So I forget sometimes, and then MAN do I pay for it later. I let my eating disorder take control, and I let food call the shots, not my gerd.

Below is a sample of all that I have to do. Sigh. Basically, I just need to eat hard boiled eggs, and toast. Yuck.

Tips For Managing GERD
(GastroEsophageal Reflux Disorder)
1. Decrease Reflux!
• Eat small, frequent meals.
• Avoid evening snacks and late night meals.
• Don’t lie down for 2-3 hours after eating.
• Avoid tight-fitting clothes.
• Elevate head of bed 4-8 inches when sleeping.

2. Minimize Foods That Allow the Lower Esophageal Sphincter
Muscle To Open:
• Fat (Aim for < 45 grams of fat per day.)
• Alcohol
• Carminatives (peppermint and spearmint)

3. Don’t Smoke!
•Nicotine relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter muscle and allows it
•Smoking decreases the secretion of bicarbonate (an acid buffer).

4. Avoid Foods That Stimulate Gastric Acid Secretion:
• Coffee
• Fermented alcoholic beverages (beer and wine)
• Chocolate
• Caffeine
• Large meals, especially those high in protein.

5. During Inflamed States, Avoid Acidic and Spicy Foods Which
Irritate the Esophagus:
• Citrus fruit and juices
• Tomatoes
• Soft drinks
• Spices (red/black pepper and large amounts of chili powder)
• Alcohol — all kinds cause superficial mucosal damage.

So um, basically, all of the Thai and Mexican that I enjoy? NO MORE. ugh.

But if avoiding those foods will allow me to NOT feel the way I have this evening, then I’m all for it.

Sorry it’s been so long since a post. I’ll write more about vacation and Malka’s serious displeasure of planes and my first day at my new awesome job later, I’ve just been swamped.

8 thoughts on “it sucks to be me…

  1. Suck. O. Rama. So sorry you have to have this. Really. Wes has IBS but he was already basically a vegan when we found out so the adjustment was maybe a bit easier. Watch out for stealth sleep eating – I find him sleepwalking into the kitchen and eating cookies. Creepy.

  2. Glad you’re back!!

    GERD blows big hairy monkey balls. My mom has it, so I remember well the days when all she could eat were cheerios. I hope it gets better soon.

    Can’t wait to hear of Malka’s antics and the low-down on your new job!

  3. Awww, heck, that just stinks. My parents both have GERD, as does my 3 year old. We have been through several med changes to find one that works and all I can say is Prevacid is awesoem for C. Wish the GERD didn’t mean your favorite foods are off limits. That part really stinks.

  4. I had severe GERD in grad school (and again 2nd/3rd trimester), so I feel your pain.

    Personally, I think the elevating the head of the bed made the most difference (besides the drugs). I hope that over time your GERD will be reduced enough that you can have a little more dietary freedom.

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