Before and After



My closet was chaos, as you can see. One weekend later, and some Elfa shelving (SO easy to install!) and I have ORGANIZATION! Weeeeee!

I decided to paint the interior of the closet orange, to help brighten it up. I think it looks awesome! I also was able to put all of my clothes from the dresser into the closet.

The ultimate goal is to empty the dresser, and give it to Malka. We would then have room for two desks for both narda and I, as currently, we only have one very over crowded desk in there, and um, the cluttered mountain is mine…

11 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. Looks great! That just may be the inspiration I needed as I was crying today (literally) about the complete.mess that is my house (and all of the closets)!

    Is Elfa from ikea 🙂 ??

  2. Your closet before the shelving is MUCH better than mine! But yes it looked even better! and the color is really nice!

  3. See, isn’t it easy!?? We’re just about to rearrange ours – we bought a couple new pieces for it.

    Jennifer, Elfa is from The Container Store. Here it goes on sale in January. We saved a ton of money by buying ours six months before we needed it.

  4. Color is wonderful–I did the same thing when I finished off the inside of my closet and painted it terracotta.

    The shelves and organization look great!

  5. I actually came across your site the day you posted the orange room….just dropping in to finally say HI!!!

  6. Wow! Excellent results! The closets (and the rest of the place) are definitely on my mind, as my future in-laws are coming to stay with us in two weeks, and this is great inspiration. Orange looks great.

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